Fort Romor Dungeon Sneak Preview

Dec 4, 2015

Claim Fort Romor for the Underworld!

Ho, adventurer! Welcome to the dungeon sneak peek: Fort Romor. Gear up and get ready for a whirlwind trip through one of the early dungeons in HEX. To supplement the above video, let’s take a closer look at the final opponent’s deck.

Adamanth, Assemble!


At the end of the dungeon, you battle Lord Adam for control of Fort Romor (or whatever those defiant Ardent call it). You’ve faced diamond, ruby, and sapphire shards separately throughout the fort. Now, you must face their combined power! His deck represents the forces of the three kingdoms fusing together to create an overwhelming force.

Champion: Lord Adam

Azurefate Sorceress socketed with Major Ruby of Destruction and Minor Diamond of Life
Heroic Outlaw socketed with Major Diamond of Endurance and Minor Sapphire of Mischief
Royal Diplomat socketed with Minor Ruby of Ferocity and Minor Sapphire of Sky

Royal Herald is the only 4-of in the deck as the enabler, making all three shards consistently accessible for the Ardent forces. The remaining cards are 2-ofs in order to fit a greater variety of cards into the deck and serve up diversity in each battle against Lord Adam.

Power-of-Sapphire Power-of-Ruby Power-of-Diamond

Typically, dungeon bosses feature more cards exclusive to the individual boss deck than seen here. These unique cards contribute to the dungeon narrative and provide a certain feel or texture to that individual encounter. In this case, Fort Romor’s forces are human so you’ll recognize most of the troops from your travels around Entrath. And the deck feels very human-y. There’s inspire effects, synergy between the three shards, and a mix of each shard’s special effects like pairing sapphire’s quick gem with diamond’s defensive tricks. Adam’s deck does feature three unique cards, each one representing its respective shard’s power.


Those cards also help Adam speed up and use his champion power to summon Lord Ben and Lord Alex. Should you let both enter the battle, Lord Adam will activate his power and link up to become the Triumvirate. Though technically not invincible, beating the Trimuvirate will be near impossible as you’re overwhelmed by ruby’s damage, diamond’s healing, and sapphire’s card drawing.

The Spoils of War

Should you be victorious, you’ll have a variety of loot come your way. And what would a spoiler piece be without some spoils to show off? Conquest of Romor is one of the many cards and other rewards you’ll see from the fort.


Perfect for the Shin’hare deck piloted in the video, this card buffs your bunny army and chops a bit off of opposing troops.

Fort Romor Forever

Thanks again for watching the Fort Romor Sneak Peek video and we hope you enjoyed this first look into the dungeon experience. There’s so much more in the campaign experience to reveal, which we will unveil in good time. Thanks for your patience as we’ve crafted this feature, and get hyped for PVE!

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