Free Tournament Rescheduled

Feb 6, 2015

The free test server tournament will be rescheduled


First off, we want to start by saying you guys are amazing! Your passion for helping us download, test, and be a part of improving HEX  means a lot. We’ve gathered a great amount of insight and information today, and we want to make some updates, introduce some fixes to the test server before we run the free tournament. We want to make sure that surface-level bugs don’t prevent us from identifying deeper bugs in the tournament system during the test. As such, we need to delay the large-scale tournament test scheduled on Saturday, we don’t have an immediate timeframe to release, but will let everyone know ASAP.

The amount of testing that has been done this far has produced a large amount of much needed data. It has been able to speed up development and fixes to the test server. We’ve already rolled out a patch and other back-end server communication fixes and we can already see the positive impact that is has had on the server.

Chris Woods also wanted to point out that there is an extremely beneficial thread that he would love everyone to provide feedback on in the Test Server sub-forum, located here: AI Misplays

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you very much again, for all the hard work and dedication. We especially admire those of you who understand that this is testing and are not letting the latency and other issues bother them.

For more information about the large-scale tournament test, the participation prize and winning prizes, visit here: HEX Update Arena Test Server

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