Friday Update – A Few Words

Jul 6, 2018

Welcome to a round up of the week. We have our upcoming a change in the FSWS schedule, some words from Cory, and more:

Five Shards Weekly Series Update

Many of you are familiar with the Five Shards Weekly Series put on by our good friends over at Fiveshards. It is a great series, but due to some of our recent changes to the Bash/Clash structure, it has been overlapping with some of our other tournaments. As such, we are adjusting a few of the FSWS tournament times to give you all more choice over which tournaments to attend.

FSWS Series #1 will remain at 1am PDT Saturday mornings.

FSWS Series #2 will move ahead 4 hours to 8pm PDT Saturday evenings.

The finale will be at 12:00 PDT (noon) on Saturdays.

These changes will take effect for the first time this weekend, so please make note if you are going to attend. As always, the most up to date event calendar can be found here. Good luck!

Merry Melee Rotation

EPIC SPELL WARZ returns this Friday! As you may recall, this mode starts both players as Frenzied Zakiir:

Frenzied Zakiir

But that’s not all! You also get a smattering of thresholds and… an empty deck.

So, game over, right? Well, not quite. Frenzied Zakiir has an ability that makes it so that you don’t draw cards. Instead, if you would draw a card, you get two random actions put into your hand. Also, at the start of your turn, you get a charge and an extra resource point. Your charges can go towards building up a Skarn army while you leverage all of the free actions you’re getting to beat up on your opponent. It’s a wild time!

Merry Melee Epic Spell Warz

Format: Frenzied Zakiir
Cost: 100 Platinum
Length: Gauntlet (5 wins / 3 losses)
Match: Best of one

  • 3 Wins – Random Standard Rare
  • 4 Wins – Current Set Booster Pack
  • 5 Wins – Current Set Booster Pack and Random Standard Rare

As before, winning ten games of this week’s format will earn you the exclusive Zakiir sleeve in all its frenzied glory (your record is saved from the last time this mode was live):

Epic Spell Warz is live now and will run for 1 week (ending Friday 7/13 at 10am PT). So, limber up your wands and keep a bead on your opponents! It’s spell-slinging time.

HEX BashHEX Clash

Our new Bash & Clash structure continues! Come join our new, short-form tournaments for your chance to win platinum, prizes, and exclusive alternate arts.

Here is the full prizing and schedule breakdown:


Saturdays at 8am PT – Bash
Saturdays at 4pm PT – Clash
Sundays at 8am PT – Clash
Sundays at 4pm PT – Bash 


Format: Standard Constructed
Cost: 700 Platinum
Length: 4 rounds, swiss pairings
Match: Best of three

  • 1-0 Wins – n/a
  • 2 Wins – 5 current set booster packs, AAA card
  • 3 Wins – 12 current set booster packs, AAA card, AAA sleeve
  • 4 Wins – 10,000 platinum, AAA card, AAA sleeve, Battleboard


Format: Standard Sealed
Cost: 1500 Platinum (or packs + 300 Platinum entry fee)
Length: 4 rounds, swiss pairings
Match: Best of three

  • 1-0 Wins – n/a
  • 2 Wins – 5 current set booster packs, AAA card
  • 3 Wins – 12 current set booster packs, AAA card, AAA sleeve
  • 4 Wins – 10,000 platinum, AAA card, AAA sleeve, Battleboard

Door prizes will still be granted to a few lucky participants. We will be giving out a total of 2 random Battleboards to players without 4 wins, 4 random AAA sleeves to players without 3 wins, and 4 random AAA cards to those favored by Kismet.

A Few Words

Finally, to close out our Friday Update for the week, we have a few words from Cory Jones:


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of information lately. Please know that a lack of news isn’t about things not happening, it’s usually about WHEN we can talk about what’s happening. As you know, HEX is now independently published. As a very small publisher, we must deal with the realities of living from the revenue HEX generates.

As you may have noticed over the last several months, revenue from Set 9 is sadly down, and this has put some constraints on our progress. We are currently working on plans to expand what HEX Entertainment does in an effort to build us up into a slightly larger developer / publisher, but we cannot go into the specifics as this is currently in process. However, we wanted you to be aware we are actively working on growing the company and, with it, the game.

Until these plans are finalized, we must be very careful with the resources we have available. We continue to have our team in place and working on the game, BUT we must delay Set 10 until we are in a place to kick off the art acquisition (the Set is designed, but we didn’t feel comfortable ordering art given our current cash flow). My hope is we will delay it by no more than 2 months, but we will need to realign the schedule for Sets in general based on this, and may want to fine tune that date.

I am aware this is not the news you want, and believe me it’s not the news I want to deliver. We remain committed to HEX and I hope to have great solutions in place soon.

Finally, if you are a cash prize winner, we have another batch of tournament payments going out Monday. We hope to have all the outstanding prizes paid by the end of July.

Cory Jones
President / CEO

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