Friday Update – AAA Rating

Jul 7, 2017

Welcome to a round up of the week! We have tournaments galore, AAA updates, and more!

Cosmic Crown Showdown

This Wednesday we announced the top 128 players from our past ladder season. Congratulations to everyone on that list! You are some of our best competitive players, and you all have received an invitation to our upcoming Cosmic Crown Showdown. On July 15th, you can compete for honor, glory, and a $5,000 prize pool! Your ticket to participate in the CCS should be in your in your inventory right now. Good luck!

Team Titans

Speaking of tournaments, if you’ve been following our spoiler season, you know all about the teams that made their way to the Frost Ring Arena to chase after Hogarth’s ghostly whispers. You can show your support for your favorite teams by joining them in the forums as well as on the battlefield!

Custom Groups 1Custom Groups 2

Just go to User Groups in your Control Panel and select the team you would like to be a part of. Love plant zombies? Blightbark’s got you covered. Are you a firestarter? Luminaries are for you. Or, maybe you just want to have a good time with the Merry Caravan. We won’t judge how you prefer to stomp your enemies (much). Enjoy!

HEX Clash AAA Update

We are making some pretty big changes to our current Clash AAA offerings. Corey Burkhart is back this week to explain more about what that means. Come journey with us into the unknown!

HEX Clash

The HEX Clash is back once more! Sunday, starting at 8am PT (Worldclock), you have another chance to prove your mettle and walk away with cash and exclusive prizes! Will you end up a proud owner of these fine cosmetics like last week’s winners?

Frostlock AAA
Into the Unknown AAA SleeveInto the Unknown AAA
Frostlock Board

Join us this Sunday and find out!

For full details on prizing, please check out our tournament page here.

FiveShards Wild Cup

This Saturday, at 9am PDT (5am CEST), FiveShards will host the fifth tournament in the FiveShards Cup Series: The Wild Cup! Sponsored this season by the Dragonborn, the format is… you guessed it, pretty wild. This time, the format is chapter wars. That means you get to select one chapter (chapter one is Sets 1 and 2, chapter two is Sets 3 and 4, chapter three is Sets 5 and 6, and chapter four is just Set 7) and then construct a deck exclusively from the champions and cards from that chapter. You can use any gems that are Immortal legal. There will be over 250 booster packs in prizes, not to mention the final points for this season of the cup series. There will be live coverage on the FiveShards Twitch channel, and you can find out the full details here.

FiveShards Weekly Series begins anew!

Starting this weekend, the twin FSWS single elimination tournaments start once again! Notably, FSWS #1 has moved forward two hours and now begins Saturday at 1am PDT (10am CEST), while FSWS #2 still starts at 4pm PDT (1am CEST). The top prize for each tournament is 10,000 platinum, with lower finishes earning boosters and tickets to the monthly invite-only tournament. The FSWS happens the first three weeks of every month, while the last week of the month hosts our finale. The finale awards 40,000 platinum in prizes each month for a total of 100,000 platinum given out each month in platinum! Bring your best constructed prizes decks for a shot at these great prizes. Full details here.

Here be Dragons

Finally, if you thought we were drag’n our feet, never fear! Or do—tremble before the terrible and beautiful AAA dragons that will soon be entering the client.

AAA Uruunaz is part of the Dragon’s Blood Kickstarter Reward, while the AAA Matriarch of Flames can be found by taking down the fiery Zakiir in the new Frost Ring Arena. Don’t they just warm your heart?


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