Friday Update – A Clashy Victory

Jul 14, 2017

Welcome to a round up of the week! We have the CCS this weekend, an interview with a HEX Clash champion, and more!

Cosmic Crown Showdown

This weekend, the top 128 players from our past ladder season will duke it out in the Cosmic Crown Showdown! Saturday, at 9am PT [Worldclock], our best players will fight with $5,000 on the line!

Penta and Hacky will be on the hextcg channel to bring you live coverage of the event, so make sure to stop on by and cheer for your favorite players.

Interview with KurtisKapahala

Speaking of favorites, we have a special treat for you today. KurtisKapahala is the first player to ever take the top of two consecutive HEX Clashes. With such an amazing feat under his belt, we wanted to reach out and learn a little bit more about him. Here’s what he had to say:


So you’ve won two HEX Clashes in a row. That’s pretty amazing! What Primals did you sacrifice to, and how can we get in on that action?

I think two important factors that go very underlooked for any type of big event are your mindset and preparation—and when I say preparation I don’t mean within the game itself—I mean the actual preparation in your life. It’s always good to schedule that you’re going to play in an event, rather than join because you’re bored and it’s convenient. I always make sure to have a healthy breakfast and keep myself well hydrated with my personal cup of tea or coffee to give myself a short boost (though I know it’s different for everybody). I also tend to try to go to the gym that morning (or at least do some sort of yoga or short workout in my house if I woke up late) to get the heart rate going a bit and help with the waking up process. The only thing I’m sacrificing is a Sunday afternoon where I don’t generally do anything anyways, and I really do enjoy playing card games and competing, so it works out perfect for me. So basically, the TLDR is make sure you ate a healthy meal before playing as you might not have time later, and try to wake yourself up (or take a nap beforehand for everybody outside of North America).

Tell us a bit about yourself – How long have you been a part of the HEX community?

I’ve been part of the HEX community since about a week before Scars of War was released. I remember getting some booster packs to do my first draft that I streamed when it was triple Herofall, doing maybe 3 or four of them before Scars of War came out. I’ve been playing card games since I was 11 or so and always enjoyed anything with a high level of strategy. Without a doubt, though, the HEX community has been BY FAR the best thing I have enjoyed about this game. I started my stream and multiple people were helping me out, giving me advice, and giving me a hard time about my draft picks. I have made good friends in the process of learning from them and sharing ideas.

How do you prepare for large tournaments like the HEX Clash?

I guess I kinda talked about this a little bit during the first question, but I can go into detail about what I do for in-game preparation. For the Frostheart Format, I felt like I had a big advantage already knowing the mechanics of HEX (since I got a lot of experience playing Sets 5/6 and the amount of time I spend playing the game in general). I am very hands on with keeping a personal journal, and I am always writing down any thoughts I have at any moment. I keep another journal just for HEX. I like to keep tabs on my personal opinion of the archetypes, and I make sure my deck has a way to win against the well known archetypes at a minimum (though you cannot prepare for everything). I write down my experience with cards I find a lot of success with (not just good timing or topdecks, but a general idea of the card’s performance). I also write down cards that have been underwhelming, and I always keep notes for everything and go over them while deckbuilding.

What do you feel is the most important thing to keep in mind when playing Limited?

I don’t think there is ONE most important thing, but rather there are two of them. The first important thing you need to remember is you’re playing this game because you enjoy it and it’s fun, not because you’re a “grinder” trying to crush events. I think that “grinder mindset” can cause a lot of negative energy and stress in people which can ruin your experience and cause you to project that onto others. The other thing to keep in mind is how your deck is going to win. Now when I say this, what I mean is that I think too many people focus on things other than winning, such as getting 2 for 1s, drawing lots of cards and creating card advantage, or having crazy combos and doing all these insane things in the game. At the end of the day, your focus should really be on winning. In general, you win by bringing your opponent’s health total below 1 (or burying, or other things, but in general it’s lethal damage). So, making sure you don’t have just a bunch of good troops without evasion/removal/etc is very, very important. You need to understand if your win condition is through overwhelming your opponent (like when I took Furiko as my champion in my second Clash, understanding I needed to create value and overwhelm my opponent with troops as my pool did not have another way to win), playing lots of Flight troops and having removal or bounce to push through damage while having answers for larger ground troops, or a lot of Candlekin as seen in this format. Try to be aware of what other decks are going to have and make sure you have a way to answer that so you can kill your opponent.

What are your favorite limited archetypes?

In the current format, I would have to say my favorite archetype is a Ruby/Wild Gladiator deck as I think it has the most explosive starts, plus you don’t rely on two card combinations as much as other decks. I also think in the current state of the limited meta, from my experience, Wild is very very under drafted aside from the transform cards which you don’t want in the Blood/Wild Deathcry or Wild/Ruby Gladiator. My second favorite archetype is most likely a tie between Blood/Wild Deathcry and Sapphire/Diamond Fateweave, playing Puff the Rainbow with Frostform/revert synergy.

Can you share a memorable or tense moment from this last Clash?

I really wish I had one to share with you all, but I never really felt threatened to lose any of my matches. The closest thing I can think of, and I don’t remember which match it was, was that my opponent was facing lethal on his opposing turn and played a Brosi-Buk, Mischief Master… only to concede maybe a minute after thinking and looking at his hand. I don’t really know if I was just running very very good as I didn’t find my sealed pools to be that great, or if I just have more experience understanding card evaluations and the game states better, but I never really had any close matches.

Finally, do you have any advice for players who hope to someday end up where you are right now?

The best thing I could give you would be to listen to anybody and everybody’s opinion on things, then create your own with your own perspective and experiences from those.

I really wish the community had more podcasts or content creators/psudo talk shows, because for me personally that was always how I could absorb information, improving my game while also going for a run and being productive outside of sitting down at my PC. It also helps when you know players with more experience coming up. A player by the name AllofYa started chatting with me on my stream and sharing opinions on card choices. We agreed on some as well as disagreed, but I learned a lot. I enjoyed watching his stream for Sets 5/6 to learn about archetypes and to understand that your champion choice was important during your drafting, not just after during deckbuilding. Also, you HAVE to have fun. As soon as you stop having fun, you’re no longer going to learn. You will only go into that “grinder” mode of expecting results and not gaining anything outside of the result of your play. Finally, don’t be afraid to play some PVE. It’s really well done and enjoyable.

HEX Clash

The HEX Clash is back once more! Sunday, starting at 8am PT (Worldclock), you have another chance to prove your mettle and walk away with cash and exclusive prizes! Will you end up a proud owner of these fine cosmetics like last week’s winners?

Frostlock AAA
Into the Unknown AAA SleeveInto the Unknown AAA
Frostlock Board

Join us this Sunday and find out!

For full details on prizing, please check out our tournament page here.


The Into the Unknown AAA Clash Cosmetic is not yet in the client. It will be added in a future patch. Winners of the Into the Unknown card or sleeve will have those items granted at that time.

VIP Sleeve Rotation

This is a reminder that the special sleeve granted to those signed up for a full year of VIP will be changing soon.

VIP Sleeve #2VIP Sleeve #3

You have until July 22nd to get the Quash Ridge Tusker sleeve. After that date, the Tusker sleeve will be replaced with the terrible and magnificent Uruunaz. Note, if you get a year of VIP right now, you will get both sleeves!

You can learn more about our VIP program here or by visiting our VIP FAQ.

It’s good to be the king

Finally, I’d like everyone to welcome KingSaruXIII, our newest official channel streamer. He will be joining us on Thursdays at 11am Pacific with a laid-back assortment of limited and constructed play, so be sure to tune in and say hi!

See you on the battlefield~

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