Friday Update – Double the Fun

Jun 16, 2017

Welcome to a round up of the week! We have spoilers galore, updated VIP times, Questmas, and more!


Frostheart news keeps coming thick and fast! There’s nothing quite like freshly fallen spoilers. First up this week, Corey Burkhart walked us through how one of the major figures from the Cult of the Nameless City was designed. If you’ve ever wondered how HEX cards get made, be sure to check out his article here.

Next, Ryan Sutherland covered some back-end changes to how commons will appear in packs, introducing our new concept of Core Commons. It’s worth a read if you like design and understanding how our packs are put together.

Finally, we had some big news this week! Ryan returned triumphantly to announce updates to our much beloved PvE mode—The Frost Ring Arena! This update will bring over 200 pieces of lootable equipment, all new champions, bosses, and an overhaul of the progression and challenge systems in the Frost Ring. Join the teams from Frostheart and battle it out in Hogarth’s arena… if you dare!

Questmas Logo

Our in-game holiday, Questmas, is upon us once more! Grab your favorite decks out of your toy chests and join Entrath in a rousing game of capture the flag. Questmas starts today, so make sure you log in to receive your exclusive sleeve!

HexPrimal Immortal Championship

The second HexPrimal Immortal Championship tournament is this Saturday. If you plan to join us on June 17th, you only have one more day to get your 20 qualifying tickets from the HEX Primal Immortal queue.

HexPrimal TicketStash

Remember, this tournament has some pretty great prizes, including:

  1. 1st) $500 Store Credit; Complete Set Pack*; 20 Shards of Fate Packs & 20 Shattered Destiny Packs
  2. 2nd) $200 Store Credit; 20 Shards of Fate Packs & 20 Shattered Destiny Packs
  3. 3rd & 4th) $100 Store Credit; 20 Shards of Fate Packs & 20 Shattered Destiny Packs
  4. 5th-8th) $50 Store Credit; 20 Shards of Fate Packs & 20 Shattered Destiny Packs
  5. 9th-16th) 20 Shards of Fate Packs & 20 Shattered Destiny Packs
  6. 17th-32nd) 10 Shards of Fate Packs & 10 Shattered Destiny Packs

*Contains 1 copy of all cards of a set chosen by

Come for the prizes, stay for some of the craziest card combos HEX has to offer!

HEX VIP Tournament Times

We have been listening to the community response to our consolidating our VIP tournament times, and we are pleased to announce that we are adding two extra times for our EU and Australian based players. Every month, we will now also offer VIP tournaments on Saturday and Sunday at 1am Pacific. This should provide a morning and evening option respectively for players in those regions. Scheduling times that are convenient for everyone across the globe is a challenging task, but we truly value everyone who enjoys and supports our game. Thank you for all your constructive feedback on our forums, and thank you for your continued support of HEX.

HEX Clash

Speaking of tournaments, the HEX Clash is back once more! Sunday, starting at 8am PT (Worldclock), you have another chance to prove your mettle and walk away with cash and exclusive prizes! Will you end up a proud owner of these fine cosmetics like last week’s winners?

Herofall AA
HEX Clash

Join us this Sunday and find out!

For full details on prizing, please check out our tournament page here.


– If you want these exclusive prizes, time is running out! The HEX Clash will rotate with the release of Frostheart, so your weekends are numbered. These will be some of your last chances at the AAA Herofall cards/sleeves or the Wizard Battleboard, so make every tournament count!

Blast from the Past

Finally, a cool wind blows from the Hyperborean Mountains. Creatures that the rest of Entrath forgot stir, drawn from their slumber by the battles raging in the arena.

Primordial CockatwicePrimordial Tortoise
Primordial SabertoothPrimordial GralkPrimordial Silverback

How will you use these ancient beasts to achieve victory? Or perhaps more importantly, how will you prevent yourself from being eaten? Let us know in the forums below!

See you on the Battlefield~

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