Friday Update – Edge of Twilight

Nov 10, 2017

Welcome to a round up of the week. We have lore, spoilers, tournaments, and more!

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter is approaching fast, and the updates keep on dropping. Not only did we have a PS4 client patch on Thursday, but Dead of Winter lead Corey Burkhart also walked us through the new “drop” resource cycle we can look forward to in set 8. Resources are the foundation of a good deck, and these are spicy enough to ensure we can stay warm in the cold winter to come.

And as long as we are dropping knowledge, we also had two new lore articles this week. On Wednesday, we revisited the underdogs of the arena. These are the teams that seem doomed, who can’t seem to catch a break. But, that doesn’t mean their stories shouldn’t be heard. Losing teams, we salute you!

Then today, we introduced the enigmatic Void Star in our latest short story, Brink of Madness. This lore piece really gets into the head of this latest member of the Cult of the Nameless City, so buckle up and try to stay sane. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Finally, we have a few quick reminders. First, our exciting Kismet’s Draft mashup will go back into the vault come Dead of Winter release. If you still haven’t gotten all of the six beautifully animated sleeves from this event, be sure to join the draft queue soon! Every three match wins will get you another sleeve, so the next one is just a few wins away.

Second, the Sunsoul Phoenix and Hero of Legend Collector’s Decks will be leaving the client for good with the Dead of Winter release.

Sunsoul Phoenix Collector BoxHero of Legend Collector Box

Make sure to stock up now if you want any of these beautiful alternate arts, sleeves, or animated cards, because these beauties will not be returning to the store. This is your last chance!

Cosmic Crown Showdown

Our Season 5 Cosmic Crown Showdown is happening this weekend! This $5,000 cash tournament will pit our best players from last season in both constructed and limited together in an epic clash for prizes, glory, and cold, hard cash. The action starts November 11th-12th, starting at 9am Pacific, so be sure to save the date. We will see you all there!

HEX BashHEX Clash

The HEX Bash and HEX Clash are back once more! Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8am PT (Timezone Conversion), you have another chance to prove your mettle and walk away with cash and exclusive prizes! Will you end up a proud owner of these fine cosmetics like last week’s Bash or Clash winners?


Join us this weekend and find out!

For full details on prizing, please check out our tournament pages here and here.

Tournament Support

Please note: if you happen to have technical issues with the Clash or Bash events, our support team requests that you submit an output log from that same day along with your ticket. This is essential, not only to ensure your ticket gets resolved in a timely fashion, but also to help us prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. Output, error, and crash logs can be found in the HEX: Shards of Fate program install folder on your machine.

Host with the Most

Finally, while you’ve come across the Twilight Host and their new mechanic Verdict before, this next spoiler should give you a better sense of their power. Walking the balance of two worlds, we are excited to introduce the Arbiter of Twilight:

Arbiter of Twilight

This spiritual judge will turn all your Verdicts into Ancient ones. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Take a look:

Ancient Day's BountyAncient Night's Gloom
Ancient Day's GloryAncient Night's Despair
Ancient Day's MemorialAncient Night's Toll
Ancient Day's RevivalAncient Night's Decay
Ancient Day's ComingAncient Night's Coming

Now, whenever you Verdict, your opponent will be forced to choose from these powerful effects instead of the normal ones. Talk about a tough sentence! How do you find this sweet new legendary? Be sure to share your verdict in the forums below.

Also, don’t forget to stay tuned here and on social media for more Dead of Winter spoilers as we gear up towards release.

See you in the battlegrounds~

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