Friday Update – Friend in Me

Sep 29, 2017

Welcome to a round up of the week! We have our Community Corner and more:

Player Cards

If you’ve been following our official Twitch channel, then you probably already know that our streamers have been putting on a fantastic show casting the HEX Bash every weekend. Hacky, InfamousNeo, Pentachills, Snake, and Jeff Hoogland/Mat Bimonte have been coming together to bring you regular coverage of these exciting events. In fact, if you haven’t already watched some of these casts, you can see all the action on our $1,000 Tournament Playlist!

Jeff Hoogland has taken it upon himself to make Player Cards for the entire casting team to use:

Player Card

This means that if you have a Top 8 record to your name, you should definitely stop by this thread and leave your info! Who knows, one of these days you could be a featured match, and how else will people know who to root for? With just a few minutes, you will improve HEX viewing for everyone. Thanks to everyone who has left their info so far, and a big thanks to Jeff for organizing this!

Community Commendations

Speaking of thanks, Eraia has started a touching thread to appreciate people in the HEX community who have made a difference. If you have a friend who is always there to brighten your day, a guild, team, or content creator you love, or even a tool you can’t get enough of… stop on by and say so! The forums are for feedback, and we do appreciate everyone who has left their comments and critiques, but it is also a place we can come together as a community. I hear stories every day of veterans who help new players with expertise or free cards; stories of community members who work on and produce content or tournaments for you all to enjoy. It’s hard work to pull off, so if someone made you smile, be sure to let them know! It will make their day.

[Important] For Non-KS Backers who lost their account in transition

Good news! Our support team has been burning the midnight oil, and they have uncovered a way you can recover some of your data if you lost your account when the Gameforge servers shut down. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Make a support account if you don’t already have one
  • Have a friend from in-game & have that friend send you all the names on their list that have become a sequence of random numbers and letters
  • Send this list along with specific, identifying information to support. Examples include “year you created your account,” “last login date,” “receipts for HEX purchases,” or “any special codes you have redeemed on your account (sleeve codes, draft codes, etc.)”

Our support can then cross reference this data to get your old account back!

HEX BashHEX Clash

The HEX Bash and HEX Clash are back once more! Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8am PT (Timezone Conversion), you have another chance to prove your mettle and walk away with cash and exclusive prizes! Will you end up a proud owner of these fine cosmetics like last week’s Bash or Clash winners?


Join us this weekend and find out!

For full details on prizing, please check out our tournament pages here and here.

Tournament Support

Please note: if you happen to have technical issues with the Clash or Bash events, our support team requests that you submit an output log from that same day along with your ticket. This is essential, not only to ensure your ticket gets resolved in a timely fashion, but also to help us prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. Output, error, and crash logs can be found in the HEX: Shards of Fate program install folder on your machine.

See you in the battlegrounds~

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