Friday Update – Who You Gonna Call?

May 12, 2017

Welcome to a round up of the week! We have some cool new lore, champion balance changes, a brand new Collector’s Deck, and more!


Dreams stir in a remote monastery. A candle is lit against the darkness. Read more about the Luminaries here.

Champion Balance

Corey Burkhart joined us earlier this week for a champion update. Here at HEX we are committed to giving you the best competitive environment possible across all our formats.

Burkhart explains what changes we made and why they were important to keep our limited formats fresh and exciting. Check out his write up if you haven’t already.

Be Legendary

Our brand new Collector’s Deck is available in-store now! Grab some animated sleeves, our AAA Hero of Legend card, and two other exclusive alternate arts in one classy package:

Hero of Legend Collector Box

Valorously vanquish your foes by going here to learn more.

Interview with TCGosu

TCGosu is a name you might already be familiar with. This member of our community has the impressive distinction of finishing in the top 10 of the ladder for every single season to date. We thought we would take a moment and get to know the player behind the record:

Uruunaz Profile

“How long have you been playing HEX? How did you first hear about us?”

I started playing HEX when Armies of Myth came out, I found this game when I was browsing through gamerankings and saw that it had a high review. Being a fan of TCG’s since I was a kid playing Pokemon with my friends close to 2 decades ago, I was definitely interested in checking what this game was about. And as you can tell, I’ve become a huge fan.

“Topping the leaderboards every season is an impressive feat. Is there a secret to your success?”

I’m not sure if there’s actually a secret, but a couple of things that I find important (or at least have worked for me) are:

1) Play a deck you enjoy. If you “grind” with something you don’t like, you’ll find yourself burned out pretty quickly. For the record, actually most of the top 10 players every season don’t play particularly fast aggro decks.

2) Play the probabilities. Know whats popular in the meta, but don’t reserve cards just for a bad matchup if its not that popular. It sounds obvious, but its always very tempting after a blowout loss. However, if you try to cover all your grounds, what’s going to happen is that while you may eliminate unwinnable matchups, you won’t be particularly favored anywhere either.

3) And of course, play enough matches *wink*

“You’ve topped the ladder consistently in constructed. What skills do you think are necessary and how do you cultivate them?”

Playing skills I believe will come in time with enough experience. What’s more important however, is your mindset. It’s very important to learn from mistakes rather than blaming RNG, because once you get into that habit you stop improving as a player since you are subconsciously suggesting that you played perfectly.

And this I got from Jeff Hoogland during one of his streams—which I agree with a lot—is if your deck always seems to be on the short end of the stick, its most likely the decks problem and not just ‘bad luck.’ For me, once I take a few losses in a row, I always take some time to tune my deck.

“Do you have a favorite archetype in constructed?”

I predominantly play tempo or mid-range.

“What advice would you give to other HEX players out there who would like to do what you have?”

If you go up against a player whom you find to be skilled, see if you can get to know them. I was very fortunate to be able to do this early on with Sindharin and Thufirhawat. I learned a lot from them in the many times we played against each other.

Finally, just be passionate about the game. This goes for outside HEX too, to be successful at something you need to have passion. People who are good at what they do tend to take pride in their work. How I play HEX is a reflection of how I approach my daily life. Stay humble, stay hungry.

“Any last words?”

I would just like to thank everyone that made HEX what it is today—Cory and all his staff, as well as, of course, this community, which is honestly an awesome bunch.

HEX Clash

The HEX Clash is back once more! Sunday, starting at 8am PT (Worldclock), you have another chance to prove your mettle and walk away with cash and exclusive prizes! Will you end up a proud owner of these fine cosmetics like last week’s winners?

Herofall AA
HEX Clash

Join us this Sunday and find out!

For full details on prizing, please check out our tournament page here.

Clash Stream

Nero Jinous will be Clashing it up on the hextcg twitch channel while the tournament is in progress! Be sure to tune in about 15 minutes before the Clash starts for some pre-game hype. He will be doing HEX-themed art and some limited exercises between rounds, so it should be a party.

See you all on the battlefield this Sunday!

Community Contests

Finally, our community continues to put on a number of sweet contests and games for everyone to participate in. We recommend checking out our Competitions and Events section as well as the HEX Discussions for the latest community fun.

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