Friday Update – Up and at ‘Em

Mar 30, 2018

Welcome to a round up of the week. We have our Doombringer update patch, our upcoming Cosmic Crown Showdown date, and more:

Dev Developments

Our first big Doombringer update patch went out yesterday. In it were a number of fixes and improvements to our game. Notably, we have improved how Boons work within the HEX engine. Rules guru Corey Burkhart explains in detail here, but you can also check out our patch notes for a complete list of changes.

Cosmic Crown Showdown

Speaking of change, do you have what it takes to upset the status quo? Our ladder season still has halfway to go, but already we have a bunch of new challengers for the top spots. Keep it up! Our Cosmic Crown Showdown for this season will take place on May 12th and 13th. On those days, our top 64 players from each ladder will get to compete for their share of $5,000! Save the date, climb today, and secure your spot at the table and among the stars.

Doombringer Collector’s Tier AA Poll

We are pleased to announce that the poll for the Doombringer Collector’s Tier Alternate Arts is now underway. We are letting you, our loyal backers, choose the cards you want to see added to the game. Please visit this link and follow the instructions to register your vote. This poll is limited to players with Collector’s Tier accounts and above. It will run for two weeks before closing, so don’t delay! Voice your preference today.

HEX BashHEX Clash

The HEX Bash and HEX Clash are back once more, this time with all new rewards! Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8am PT (Timezone Conversion), you have a chance to prove your mettle and walk away with cash and exclusive prizes! Will you end up a proud owner of these fine cosmetics, available for the first time this weekend?


Join us this weekend and find out! 

For full details on prizing, please check out our tournament pages here and here.

Shards Logo

Our friends at 80Arcade are gearing up to launch the Beta for Shards the Deckbuilder shortly. Thanks to everyone who has signed up to give it a try so far! For those who don’t know already, Shards takes the HEX IP and the Cerberus deck building engine to create a brand-new way to enjoy the world of Entrath on the go.


The first wave of beta invites have gone out (check your email!) and 80Arcade is finalizing things to get the client into your hands, but even if you haven’t signed up yet there are plenty of exciting ways to follow the action.

First, designer Matt Hyra and friends will be showcasing Shards on the 80Arcade Twitch channel on Wednesday, April 4th at 11am Pacific. There you’ll be able to see some of the exciting things 80Arcade has in store. Be sure to follow their channel so you don’t miss it! In addition, 80Arcade has been spoiling some cards from the first set on their twitter. Go say hi so you can see some of the strategies Shards will have in store. Finally, 80Arcade recently set up their official Discord. If you want to chat with the developers, keep your finger on the pulse of Shards’ development, or just hang with your fellow card game enthusiasts, you should definitely check it out.

See you in the Battlegrounds~

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