Frostheart Announcement

Jun 2, 2017

Cool winds blow to the north… We are pleased to announce that our seventh set is titled Frostheart!


With Frostheart, our story turns to the Frost Ring Arena and Hogarth’s struggle to escape its icy clutches. All the while, dark whispers and dreams draw teams from all over Entrath for a fierce and bloody confrontation. For an introduction to these groups, check out our previous lore articles here:


Frostheart not only gathers some of Entrath’s greatest teams, but introduces loads of powerful new gameplay for players to explore! Five new keywords, 20 new champions, and 10 new gems will give players incredible new deckbuilding opportunities.


Which team will be victorious? Will Hogarth break free? Stay tuned to find out! Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out here and on social media as we kick off this exciting release.

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