Frostheart Out Now!

Jun 29, 2017

That’s right, our Frostheart update is live and in client!

Frostheart Logo

A cool wind blows Hogarth’s whispers across Entrath, calling hopefuls to compete in the Frost Ring Arena. Will you join forces with the Merry Caravan, Pack, or Cult of the Nameless City? Maybe the Luminaries or Blightbark Court are more your style. Either way, an epic conflict brews. Frostheart introduces a massive update with over 315 new cards, 20 new champions, 10 new gems, and over 300 new pieces of equipment. Not to mention, we have an exciting revamp of our Frost Ring Arena PvE mode.

Stay cool this summer, and don’t forget to join us for our Release Weekend event, starting this Friday!

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