Fully Equipped – Campaign Rolodex

Aug 8, 2016

Hexers! It’s a me, NicoSharp! This time we’re going to look at the Campaign and tackle our article from a slightly different angle. Being Fully Equipped means we have the tools we need to get the job done. The goal today is to expand our toolbox.

If you grew up in the age before cell phones, you may know what a Rolodex is. You might have even used one. For everyone else, a Rolodex is basically an alphabetical spin-wheel of important contacts that you can refer to quickly. The dictionary refers to a Rolodex informally as “A person’s list of business contacts and friends.” We definitely can look at HEX cards in this way: Some we always go back to, while others help us get the job done.

For the Campaign, our focus will be on common cards. With Adventure Zone 1 currently limiting us to level 9 and deck building progression heavily focused on the Shard Grids, we are going to focus on common cards for our Rolodex and their equipment. We will be able to play the most copies of commons in our decks. Additionally, equipment pieces for common cards tend to have the most value because the percentage of times we draw a specific common over a specific uncommon or specific rare is higher due to the quantity we can play.

There really are a ton of options here. Due to limited space, I am going to only list my favorite commons and equipment. There is much more you can explore.

Let’s get our iPhone Contact List… Erhm, I mean Rolodex, set up now: We will set up our Rolodex in 6 separate sections, A-Z.

  1. Artifacts
  2. Blood
  3. Diamond
  4. Ruby
  5. Sapphire
  6. Wild


Note for Artifacts: Not many classes start with access to a high quantity of common artifacts being playable.

Armitron – Robot – Weapon – +1/+1 to all robots.
Charge Bot – Robot – Gloves – +1 defense.
Charge Hulk – Robot – Weapon – Grants Flight on champion charge power.
Construction Plans War Hulk – Robot – Head – A free worker bot.
Ivory Pawn – Trinket – Ready when any troop is played.
Mecha T-Hex – Robot/Dinosaur – Feet – Gives -1 cost in all zones for each Dinosaur in play.
Pterobot – Robot/Dinosaur – Head – Gives Dwarves and Robots -1 cost in all zones while it’s in play.
Reactor Bot – Robot – Trinket – Allows you to give +1/+1 to another artifact every time you gain a charge.
S.P.A.M. Bot – Robot – Chest – Can give +2 instead than +1 per turn.
Sapper’s Charge – Feet – 3 damage instead than 2.
Sepulchra Bonewalker – Construct – Feet – Gain a threshold of your choice when it deals combat damage.


Blightvines – Undead/Plant – Trinket – If in crypt, put back in hand when you play a plant.
Blood Aura – Head – Two targets for +1/+1 and Lifedrain.
Blood Cauldron Ritualist – Shin’Hare/Warlock – Head – When you play it, put a Shin’Hare with cost 1 or less from crypt into play.
Brutal Bonecracker – Orc/Warrior – Weapon – Rage 2.
Call the Grave – Trinket – AOE call – for the same troops.
Darkspire Priestess – Orc/Mage – Weapon – Chance to double-proc.
Darkspire Punisher – Orc/Warlock – Chest – Chance to double-proc.
Eggblight Afflictor – Vennen/Rogue – Weapon – Eggs when dealing damage.
Gemsoul Feeder – Necrotic/Cleric – Feet – Revert on damage dealt.
Giant Mosquito – Insect – Head – Gives the Mosquitos lethal.
Gnatmares – Insect – Feet – Damage trigger on death.
Hatchery Priest – Vennen/Cleric – Gloves – Bonus spider creation when eggs are hit.
Mazat Spearman – Orc/Ranger – Weapon – a -1/-1 permanent for anyone that blocks – The AI can’t factor it in and it’s great on a cheap 1 cost orc troop that only get better with time.
Splitskull Gladiator – Orc/Warrior – Boots – When you deal damage, put a dazed counter on opposing champion.
Terrible Transfer – Gloves – Adding threshold prior to the damage going through adds +1 lifegain and +1 damage to the target. Definitely worth a slot in a mono-blood deck.
Vilefang Eremite – Vennen/Warlock – Feet – When you heal, create more spider eggs.
Wailing Rider – Necrotic/Warrior – -1 cost in all zones for each Warrior in play.
Wretched Wrangler – Shin’Hare/Warlock – Gloves – Creating more Shin’hare hoppers might be a strategy you need to explore for certain encounters.


Adamanthian Scrivener – Human/Cleric – Gloves – +2 per troop played is a huge buff.
Brightmoon Brave – Coyotle/Warrior – Feet – -1 cost prophecy
Captain of the Dragon Guard – Human/Warlock – Feet – Troop from crypt goes directly into play!
Duskwing Shepherd – Trinket – Gain health equal to different thresholds on sacrifice.
Deadeye Slicer – Necrotic/Ranger – Weapon – Reverts on damage dealt, can give Swiftstrike to many other troops.
Ethereal Caller – Necrotic/Warlock – Head – With Warlock Allegiance, target 2 troops from the crypt.
Grim Skull Sorcerer – Necrotic/Mage – Chest – +1/+1 for each other socketed troop in play.
Guard Dog – Beast – Weapon – Makes Guard Dog Quick.
Inner Conflict – Weapon – 50% chance to battle another troop, can quickly become 2 or more for 1.
Invigorating Breeze – Feet – Heal +1, and buff +3/+3
Kraken Guard Seapriest – Human/Cleric – Trinket – Synergy with triple Sapphire threshold, to bounce troops.
Noble Citizenry – Human – Weapon – +1/+1 on an already awesome human 4 drop.
Pale Harvester – Nercotic/Cleric – Weapon – Gain 2 health when played for each Cleric.
Pride’s Fall – Head – Destroy troops with 3 or more defense.
Reversion – Trinket – Add card draw to a 1 cost revert on ANY card.
Risen Lancer – Necrotic/Warrior – Head – Blood threshold gives Lifedrain.
Royal Herald – Human/Warrior – Chest – Gain threshold on death.
Shardcall – Trinket – Search deck for shard.
Shield Trainer – Human/Warrior – Trinket – Spellshield for another troop, when you sacrifice this.
Sun Seer – Coyotle/Cleric – Head – Lifedrain


Arena Brawler – Orc/Cleric – Trinket – Gives him Speed with another orc in play.
Arena Regular – Orc/Warrior – Head – Allows you to do 2 damage to opposing champions, when you use a charge power with 1 in play.
Ashwood Soloist – Elf/Ranger – Chest – 2 Ruby threshold gives Unblockable (except for Ruby/Artifact troops).
Blade Flourish – Boots – Draw a card when this deals damage.
Bloodcrazed Zealot – Orc/Warlock – Chest – When it deals damage, you may sacrifice it to deal its attack in damage.
Burn – Gloves – 3 damage instead of 2.
Crimson Clarity – Head – Target Ruby troop in hand gets Speed.
Crushing Blow – Gloves – Gives all Orcs +1 attack.
Deadeye Ripper – Necrotic/Ranger – Chest – Reverts when it deals damage.
Deathmask Assailant – Necrotic/Rogue – Feet – -2 Attack to a troop when it’s played and you have Sapphire threshold.
Elite Pyromancer – Human/Mage – Chest – Permanent +2 attack every time it inspires.
Emberleaf Wardancer – Elf/Warrior – Weapon – When it deals damage, you can give an Elf +1 attack.
Fiery Indignation – Head – Can also target opposing champions.
Furyseeker – Orc/Warrior – Feet – -1 cost in all zones for each warrior.
Ghostblade Duelist – Spirit – Chest – Ready this when you play a Ruby card.
Impulse – Trinket – Draw 3 cards.
Junk Welder – Dwarf/Cleric – Head – When you deal combat damage, put a 1 cost artifact from crypt into play.
Ridge Raider – Orc/Ranger – Head – Gives Ridge Raiders Unblockable with other Orcs in play (except for Ruby/Artifact troops).
Scrap Welder – Dwarf/Warrior – Feet – Recursion of a flying 5 damage dwarf can lock-in wins.
Shatter Shield – Weapon – 1 damage to all blocking troops – great with Crush themed decks.
Sly Huntress – Human/Ranger – Gloves – If mono-Ruby is the path, this is the best troop to have for Human themed, inspire pumped, one-turn kills.
Wounded War Hero – Human/Warrior – Weapon – When you control 3 or more Humans, he has Swiftstrike.


Buccaneer – Human/Rogue – Trinket – He becomes Quick
Cloudwalk – Trinket – When troop with this deals damage, play target Flight troop from hand for free.
Cripple – Weapon – When this exhausts, it is destroyed.
Cyclone Rider – Gloves – Mage Allegiance – Next action is free to play.
Dementia Daisies – Chaostouched/Plant – Head – Bury 3 cards per charge.
Devoted Emissary – Human/Warlock – Feet – He becomes Quick
Field Tactician – Human/Cleric – Trinket – Can use the free exhaust one shot from hand.
Frigid Buffalo – Beast – Weapon – Can put a Plant from play into your hand to exhaust target troop.
Mindcaller – Human/Warlock – Chest – Can give target card in hand -2 cost.
Mystic of the Tranquil Dream – Coyotle/Cleric – Gloves – Target card in hand becomes quick when this deals damage.
Phoenix Guard Messenger – Human/Ranger – Feet – Makes Messenger 1 cost.
Psionic Acolyte – Necrotic/Mage – Feet – Void 10 random cards from opposing crypt, then revert to normal.
Recovery Specialist – Dwarf/Cleric – Trinket – Put target artifact from crypt into hand and Robots get Spellshield and +1/+1.
Runeweb Infiltrator – Vennen/Ranger – Feet – Puts 3 spiders in per damage.
Thunderbird – Bird/Spirit – Chest – +1 charge on enters play.
Time Ripple – Weapon – Target card gets +2 cost.
Tireless Researcher – Dwarf/Mage – Trinket – When a Robot enters play for you, ready this.
To the Skies – Ready those troops.
Windbourne Disciple – Necrotic/Mage – Head – When another troop with Flight deals damage, revert this.
Zodiac Shaman – Coyotle/Warlock – Trinket – Ready each other troop you control.


Battle Hardened Pa – Shin’Hare/Warrior – Trinket – +1 attack to troops in the top 5 cards of your deck.
Blossoming Concubunny – Shin’Hare/Concubunny – Reverts when a troop Tunnels.
Cottontail Ronin – Shin’Hare/Warrior – Weapon – Rage 1 for other Cottontail Ronin when it dies.
Cottontail Scout – When it enters play, it gets +1/+1 this turn.
Crackling Sprout – Gloves – Gain additional charges for each card with crackling in its name in the crypt.
Fearless Fray – Quick action.
Feral Ogre – Ogre – Head – +3/+3 for double Ruby threshold.
Ghost Walker – Coyotle/Cleric – Head – That troop gets +2/+2 and cost -2.
Lithe Lyricist – Elf/Ranger – Weapon – +1 attack.
Maw of the Hunt – Dinosaur – Head – Rage 1.
Merry Minstrels – Elf – Gloves – Creates 2 shards.
Moon’ariu Sensei – Shin’Hare/Sensei – Trinket – When this dies, target troop gets random Spellshield, Steadfast or Crush.
Nightsky Stargazer – Coyotle/Warrior – Gloves – Prophecy effect on death.
Predatory Prey – Feet – When a Dinosaur is in play, this has cost -3 in all zones.
Rotroot Enchanter – Elf/Warlock – Feet – When it dies, put a Seed Pod into play.
Runts of the Litter – Shin’Hare – Weapon – Puts a Shin’Hare with cost 1 or less from crypt into play.
Shin’hare Militia – Shin’Hare – Feet – Gives a target Shin’Hare +1/+1 when it enters play.
Snarling Ambusher – Coyotle/Rogue – Chest – Gets +2 defense this turn.
Sterling Starwatcher – Coyotle/Cleric – Chest – Lethal.
Stinkhorn Soup – Weapon – Get +4 defense.
Surprise Runt Gang – Head – Battle Hoppers get +1/+1 this turn.
Vine Trap – Plant – Gloves – -2 attack to troops it blocks.
Wild Growth – Weapon – Gives Crush.

Campaign Rolodex

With the commons and their equipment slots above shared, this should give everyone a nice idea about what is available as building blocks for your campaign decks. We may explore some of these cards in the future to build cohesive campaign decks.

Let’s build a deck!

I am going to share a quick and dirty list based on common equipment combinations from the above list. Let’s build a Human Warrior Campaign Character early level deck:

3x Wounded War Hero (Weapon)
3x Shield Trainer (Trinket)
3x Furyseeker (Boots)
3x Royal Herald (Chest)
3x Arena Regular (Head)
3x Burn (Gloves)

The 18 cards above, with equipment, will make our base for the campaign. Let’s add uncommons to the mix and finish building our deck. We know the Warrior only starts with 6 cards in hand, so we are going to keep our curve low and prioritize more warriors so we can start with the “gain a charge when you play a warrior” talent:

3x Vanguard of Gawaine
3x Crushing Blow
2x Ardent Recruiter
3x Adamanthian Captain
2x Combat Training
2x Brutal Commander
3x Crackling Bolt
2x Scraptech Brawler

4x Shard of Conquest
9x Diamond Shard
9x Ruby Shard

The deck will be themed around Warriors and charges, with a second priority on Humans to make the Wounded War Hero equipment effective. Combat Training could easily be replaced with more troops or other fun cards if we them ineffective.

Re-Equipping (Stretch Goals / Upgrades)

Highlands Shinobi
Spearcliff Cloud Knight
Protectorate Defender
Deathless Guardian
William Rowan

More Resources for the PvE Campaign

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These articles are for new players and the free-to-play community, so I’d love to hear from you! Was the article helpful? What card/equipment would you like to see featured and explored in a future Fully Equipped article? Is there a campaign class you can’t figure out, or an encounter you want to smack with budget cards?

Until next time, if you want to do the job right, you better show up Fully Equipped!


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