Fully Equipped – Hawkor’s Same-Day Delivery Service

Mar 13, 2017

Hawkor is one of the most versatile mercenaries in HEX. He is also fairly easy and affordable to obtain. For anyone struggling with the campaign, adding Hawkor to the roster for some of the more challenging encounters should help considerably. Prioritizing upgrades for Hawkor early is also a strong strategy as he makes each played equipped card stretch further, giving all troops in play +1/+1.

With all that, it should be no surprise that this week’s “Fully Equipped” features the equipment focused mercenary as our challenge to tackle here.


Hawkor has a very powerful passive and charge power. The passive allows us to create 3 copies of a card we are using equipment for in our deck at the start of the game after we draw our cards. This means we can focus on a particular card as a primary strategy piece to assure we draw more, or at least one copy of that card, earlier in the game. The charge power reduces the cost of all our equipped cards by -1 and moves all equipped cards up in our deck 5 spaces.

Even Hawkor’s grid is great, allowing 3x of any card rarity and threshold. He is also an Orc Warrior, so we could make some nice class themed decks as well with strong Warrior card synergy. If that wasn’t enough…. Hawkor also has 1 armor, making him a strong survivor in many aggressive encounters.

The deck being shared today is one that should help tremendously with challenging end-game encounters. It has the power to take down any boss in the dungeons of AZ2, and works well vs. the special challenge encounters at the end of the game. In particular, Gallows Ghast, Mancubus/Succubus, and Obsidian Cyclops.

Let’s dive in:

The build today focuses on 5 cards fighting over our precious equipment slots. The first card is our Gift.

Phenteo’s Gift

Phenteo’s Gift has both Chest and Weapon equipment that allow us to create 3 Terrorantula eggs and put them into our opponents deck, and to put Phenteo’s Gift back into our hand when our opponents draw an egg. To get this back into our hand as often as possible, we will want to make sure our opponents deck is thinning quickly.

The second card is our speedy delivery driver.

Dream Eagle

It’s no surprise an orc with “Hawk” in his name is recruiting Dream Eagle drivers. The glove equipment on Dream Eagle will allow us to dig deeper into our deck by discarding Dream Eagle to find our Phenteo’s Gift to get our combo moving. At first, I leaned towards targeting Phenteo’s Gift with Hawkor’s power, but now I lean towards Dream Eagle. This is because we found a nice new card from Scars of War called Tomb Swap. For the budget version, we can swap out a card like Chronic Madness for Call the Grave. This allows us to quickly cycle as many Dream Eagles as we can into the crypt, and then grab them back up to quickly fill out hand with what we need to win.

The third card is our Accounts Payable department.

Call the Grave

Call the Grave with the Trinket equipment keeps our Dream Eagles coming back to work. Tomb Swap as mentioned above, is a nice little added bonus with Set 6 that pairs nicely with Call the Grave for a little extra juice. The Dreadling we get from Tomb Swap may seem inconsequential, but that may not be the case if our Hawkor is upgraded and we cycle several Phenteo’s Gifts into play.

The fourth card is our GPS navigation services.

Nazhk Lookout

Nazhk Lookout with Head equipment will be unblockable, but we primarily utilize this equipment to both lower the cost and assure he is closer to the top of our deck after charge power usage. Crucial to our strategy, the Lookout provides a way for us to quickly thin our opponents deck as we dig for Terrorantulas. This guy ensures our precious egg packages get a quick delivery to the opponent’s face.

The fifth card is our right to refuse service.

Crackling Tide

Crackling Tide with Feet equipment will give us a quick and often free (after charge power use) denial of service. We can either remove one of our troops targeted by removal, like a crucial Nazhk Lookout, or remove an opposing threat for a turn.

We round out the rest of our deck with card draw and mill.

Chaotic Murmurs is an expensive card on our list at 4, but it has a pre-game benefit of starting our opponent off with 2 cards buried from their deck for each copy. This helps us more consistently get Terrorantulas into play. We also play Azure Fang Decree and Lunacy for extra bury.

For card draw we play Arcane Focus, Spectral Acorn, Thunderfield Seer, and Cerebral Jack-hat.

Ideally, for party passives we would like to have Mercenaries that give us charges. Clatterclank, Katsuhiro, and Augustine would be easy, affordable choices. This makes Ranger our preferred primary campaign character class for the +1 Charge Talent point, available at campaign level 10.

Playing the Deck:

  • First thing to do is copy our Dream Eagles at the start of the game to add more to our deck. If we have 1 or more in our hand that is fine, we instead copy Phenteo’s Gift or Nazhk Lookout.
  • Use Hawkor’s charge power as soon as possible. With the right party passives, we can do this on turn 1. Focus on hitting thresholds of 2x Sapphire, for Dream Eagle discard draw, and 1x Blood, for Phenteo’s Gift, as early as possible.
  • Playing a Lookout early is the best thing to do for most encounters. Even before playing a resource for that turn. Every card played will start knocking cards out of their deck. This escalates very quickly, and in some cases results in winning by decking them out of cards.
  • Remember to cycle Dream Eagles from the crypt to continually dig into the deck for Phenteo’s Gifts and Nazhk Lookout’s.
  • Always attack with lookout, since we have Unblockable. He will become a big threat with an upgraded Hawkor as we play more equipped cards.
  • Ideally, we will get to a point where we have 2 Lookout’s in play. Then, each time we play a 0 cost Phenteo’s Gift, they bury 2 cards and potentially hit an egg so we can continually cycle until they are out of cards and our board is full of Terrorantulas.
  • The deck may play slow due to card cycling, but it’s not unusual to win by turn 4 or 5.
  • What kind of Hawkor delivers horrible gifts like this? Terrorantula eggs are only good for making nightmares. Let’s not pass judgement, though just pass out wins with this sick decklist.

Deck List / Shopping List

Mercenary – Hawkor

3x Thunderfield Seer – 3p each
3x Nazhk Lookout – Farm AZ1 – Vennen Racial (30 mins each to farm)
3x Dream Eagle – Farm AZ1 – Dream Dungeon

3x Spectral Acorn- in-game mail me for 3 free 🙂
3x Arcane Focus – 3p each
3x Call the Grave – 3p each
3x Phenteo’s Gift – Farm AZ1 – Vennen Racial (30 mins each to farm)
3x Tomb Swap – 3p each
3x Cerebral Jack-hat – Farm AZ2
3x Crackling Tide – 3p each
3x Lunacy – 3p each
3x Azure Fang Decree – 3p each
3x Chaotic Murmurs – Farm AZ1

8x Blood Shard
10x Sapphire Shard
4x Shard of Cunning – 30p each


Head: Spider Crown (Farm AZ1)
Chest: Terror Tined Tunic (Farm AZ1)
Feet: Tidal Boots – 30 plat max (Set 5)
Trinket: Tablet of the Revenant – 30 plat max (Set 1)
Gloves: Eagle Feathered Gloves (Farm Dream Dungeon AZ1)
Weapon: Terror Touched Blade (Farm AZ1)

Estimated Total Cost: 243 plat

Beating Challenging Encounters:

The trick is knowing how the deck works and making it combo off early. Against Gallows Ghast, for example, we may not want a Lookout in our opening hand, and instead want a few early shards, Dream Eagles, Thunderfield Seer, and Cerebral Jack-hat. It’s because he has a nasty charge power and passive. We want Lookouts at a point where we can play them, then start to combo other cards to play right after. So, it’s important to make sure we keep an empty hand, but then also have a way to cycle Phenteo’s Gift on our turn to keep enough eggs in his deck to eventually win. Try to get desired thresholds of 2x Sapphire and 1x Blood as early as possible. Save Jack-hat card draw for our turn, when resources are open.

Similar strategies can be applied to any challenging encounter, and this deck is particularly good against Obsidian Cyclops and Mancubus/Succubus as well.


Natural upgrades would be Chronic Madness and Well of Cunning. Take out Tomb Swap for the Chronic Madness, and as you do so consider focusing on Phenteo’s Gift as the Hawkor copied card instead of Dream Eagle.

Another potential Scars of War budget upgrade could be Shroud. This could help quite a bit early on to keep Lookout alive, but is not completely necessary.

Other Brew ideas:

I could go on and on with ideas for this unique Mercenary. Like this one I am brewing now for Escape Goat! I’ve also played some fun variants for Pack Raptor utilizing Hawkor. How do you like to build and play Hawkor? Make sure to drop us a line in the forums.

Until next time, if you want to do the job right, you better show up Fully Equipped!


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