The champion represents you, the player, in the world of Entrath. Each champion has a charge power which will influence your deck, both in what shard you use and what kind of cards you put in your deck. For example, here is Gozzog, the necrotic warrior, and Poca the Conflagrater, an orc mage. Champions also have varying health based on their strength in battle.


When you play a resource, your hero gains a charge and a threshold based on the resource played. A Blood resource provides a blood threshold, and a Ruby resource provides a ruby threshold. When you have at least one Blood threshold, Gozzog can spend 2 charges to deal 1 damage to a target champion and gain 1 health. This champion is great at extending the game, putting a small amount of pressure on the opponent while providing a buffer against any damage he may do.

With the charge power in mind, you will want to build your deck with the late game in mind. Poca the Conflagrater is great for Ruby decks that want to toast the opponent early and often. Poca can spend 4 charges to put a Blaze Elemental token in play. Add that speedy beater to your turn 4 attack and watch the beads of sweat form on the opponent’s head. There are dozens of champions to choose from in our PVP experience alone, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect champion for your deck.


When you create or play a champion in HEX, it will be one of six possible character classes. When you create your own champion for PVE, four different customizable classes are available for all eight races.

A champion’s class determines a variety of specialization options such as what charge power and talents they have access to. As a champion gains levels by completing quests and defeating opponents, you will make talent choices to customize your play experience.

Hex Classes


The embodiment of faith and spiritual prowess, the clerics of Entrath take many forms. The coyotle cleric is part shaman and part medicine man, while the vennen cleric is a devoted fanatic of the Spider Mother. Finally, the sinister necrotic clerics constantly search for dead humans to “awaken” using surgery and Hexing Gems.


Mages attempt to master the forces of Wild, Blood, and Gem Magic. The human wizards of Cerulea, vennen blood mages, and coyotle stormcallers are but a few.


With a deep understanding of the regions they inhabit, rangers stoically protect their homelands with their trusted companions at their side. Elven rangers of Feralroot, coyotle masters of the hunt, and vennen trapmasters are a few examples.


From the human warrior knights of Gawaine to the orc gladiators who battle in the name of Kog’Tepetl to the shin’hare samurai, the warriors of the world spend their lives training and fighting. They excel in leading others, devising battle tactics, and being in the thick of any clash of steel and skill.

Customize Your Character

When clearing the dungeons of HEX, you’ll first choose a player character for your champion. Just like in PVP, your champion has a charge power. In PVE, you’ll unlock different talents and abilities as you gain levels.


The difficulty increases as you explore Entrath. You’ll pick up cards and equipment along the way to help you in your journey as you face devious puzzles, entertaining side quests, and unique dungeon experiences.


Mercenaries are alternate champions that replace your champion in the PVE campaign. They level up similar to existing champions, but in a faster, more streamlined way.


Mercenaries are available for hire should you know the right man, woman, shroomkin, or astral monkey to call. They allow you to shake up your PVE experience with new decks, strategies, and charge powers. You can enlist them to help you through tricky dungeons, or you can just decide that you’d rather be a gang-running mushroom instead. If you’re having problems with a dungeon designed around quick attackers and damage, you can call up Mooof. His shroomkin buddies will keep you high in health while you collect all the loots. To learn more about mercenaries and the campaign, go here.