Dungeons and Raids (In Development)

Throughout the story-based campaign, you will be called upon to hurl yourself into a number of bold adventures in the form of dungeons, raids, and side-quests.  In addition to the main storyline, your exploration of Entrath will open up opportunities to experience smaller stories, as well as gaining experience, equipment, and cards.

Kraken's Lair


When you arrive at a new dungeon, you will only be able to see as far as the entrance.  Each dungeon is completely unique: you may find yourself exploring an underground cavern teeming with vennen poised for ambush, an ancient haunted forest, the tower of the sphinxes, or the twisted castle of a crazed, sentient skull.  As you work your way through, you will encounter battles, traps, puzzles, and caches of treasure all leading up to the final encounter.

Go For The Gold

Whenever you complete a puzzle, navigate a trap, or defeat an encounter, you gain momentum.  Your momentum directly increases the rarity of the final encounter’s reward.  You could choose to head directly for your final objective, and receive a healthy pile of gold, a new magical trinket, and a new card.  If you fully explore the dungeon, however, you might get a mountain of gold, an artifact, and a much more powerful troop for your deck.

But Don’t Fail

Whenever you fail to win a battle or are caught in a trap you gain a Death Mark.  Death Marks only persist for any given attempt at a dungeon, and once you get three, you’re out, and you will have to start the dungeon again from the beginning.  Part of the dungeon’s strategy is deciding when to keep pushing and when to merely sprint for the finish line.


Decisions Matter

There are many factions in Entrath with their own goals and plans. As you encounter these factions, you will be able to choose to support them, oppose them, or even join their cause as a full-fledged member. These decisions have both a direct impact on other encounters in the same area, as well as a longer lasting impact on your path through the game and the rewards you are eligible to gain.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

Several dungeons unlock the ability to go on a raid against the greater evil responsible for those events.  In raids, you and two of your friends must work together to battle against a foe of significant power.  These cooperative battles offer much danger, but also unlock some of the best equipment and cards in the game!

A Unique Experience

Your champion, deck, and decisions across your career combine to significantly alter the flow of the dungeons.  If three gnoll princes are all seeking to overthrow their father, you can choose which prince you wish to support against the gnoll king!