Ladder Play


HEX offers many exciting ways to compete against others for prizes. Our primary system is our ladder, which offers a number of unique rewards for participation including exclusive deck sleeves, booster packs, alternate art cards, and more! Ladder seasons last two months; the higher you climb the more you win! Our ladder is broken into two distinct parts, Constructed and Limited, each of which can be climbed independently. Choose the mode you like the best and start climbing today!

Ranked Constructed

Ranked constructed is an on-demand mode that pits you against other constructed players of similar rank. Grab a 60-card minimum deck and compete in a best of three match with pride, honor, and ladder stars on the line! See if you can climb from Bronze rank to Cosmic on the battlefields of Entrath! There is no entry-fee to this tournament mode.

Limited Play

HEX has three distinct modes of limited play: Draft Gauntlet, Sealed Gauntlet, and Evolving Sealed Gauntlet. In these modes, players ignore their existing collections and instead compete with decks made from boosters that they open during the course of the event. Each offers a different experience and are a great way for newer players to build their collections since you keep any cards opened in this way. Our Draft mode is a hybrid queue with both synchronus and asynchronous features. Sealed and Evolving Gauntlets are fully asynchronous and can be played at your leisure.

On-demand Events

HEX currently has one on-demand queue for players to jump in and play any time 8 people are interested. When the draft fires, you will choose cards with other players in real time. After the drafting portion, you can build your deck and queue for matches against other drafters asynchronously at your leisure.

Booster Draft

Each player will open a booster pack and select a card from it. They then pass the booster pack to their neighbor in the draft. Since everyone does this, everyone ends up with a new booster pack with one less card. Every player then selects another card and passes again. Players continue until all of the cards are gone. Then they repeat this twice more, with booster packs 2 and 3. At the end of the draft, players have the cards they drafted and may use them to construct a 40-card-minimum deck.

You then play three total rounds and receive prizes according to your record. A 3-0 record awards 6 packs and a 2-1 record awards 2 packs. A 1-2 record receives a random standard legal rare. Of course, no matter your record, you walk away with the cards you opened and experience to aid you in your next battle.

For an introduction to Booster Draft, please see our How to Draft guide.

Gauntlet Tournaments

This is the format for players who want the option to play in short sessions on their own time. You play single-game matches with your deck against other players until you reach 5 wins or 3 losses. Then, prizes are awarded based on number of wins. Every time you enter the queue, the client attempts to match you with someone of equal record so you can play a single-game match. In-between matches, you can save your progress and resume play at a later time. This the perfect way to play for those who have limited time but want a little structure with some prizes on the line. There are two types of gauntlet tournaments in HEX: Sealed and Evolving Sealed.

Sealed Gauntlet

If you’ve ever wanted to change up your sealed deck in the middle of a tournament, this format is for you! You will open six booster packs and build your 40-card minimum deck. The rest of the cards go into your reserves. You play matches against other opponents in the gauntlet queue and in-between matches you can tweak your sealed deck; you can even rebuild the entire deck if you like! You can also save your progress in-between matches and resume your run at another time.

Evolving Sealed Gauntlet

Affectionately called “EVO” for short, Evolving Sealed Gauntlet is a unique game mode where a player’s limited pool evolves and grows over time. In Evo Sealed you start with two boosters and a randomly generated pool of 48 commons and uncommons. At 1 and 3 wins you earn an additional booster which is immediately opened and added to your pool. This encourages players to continually experiment and rebuild their tournament deck as they “evolve.” We recommend this mode to new players and deck building affectionados. You can read full details on our Evolving Sealed Gauntlet here.

Scheduled Events

Scheduled Events happen at a specific time. They include weekly and monthly tournaments like VIP, community tournaments, or other special events. Scheduled Events appear typically 2 hours in advance under the “Special” tab of the tournament screen. Scheduled events use the Swiss tournament format. For those unfamiliar with Swiss tournaments, this means that you can play for the entire tournament and that you are typically paired against those with a similar record as your own. You are not out of the tournament if you lose.

Community Events

Hex has a vibrant competitive community. Our community is constantly creating new tournaments that you can take part in. Many of these events come with prize support and some, like the various FiveShards series, are held in client! Make sure to check out the forums for more information about just what the community is up to!

VIP Tournaments

Players who purchase a VIP subscription on their account in the in-game store receive 1 pack per week of the most recent set and tickets that allow entry into VIP tournaments (entry fees still apply). These tournaments are four rounds of Swiss and are held on the last complete weekend of every month (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Formats alternate Constructed and Sealed. All times below in are in US Pacific time (Worldclock). If you would like to learn more, check out our VIP FAQ here.

Constructed Entry Fee: VIP ticket + 500 plat
Sealed Deck Entry Fee: VIP ticket + 1,400 plat or 6 packs + 200 plat

Friday: 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM

Saturday: 1:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM

Sunday: 1:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM

VIP Tournament Payouts

VIP Constructed
Players: 16 minimum – 256 maximum
Format: 4 rounds of Swiss
Entry fee: VIP ticket + 500 plat
4 wins: 10 packs / 2 Alternate Art Card A / 2 Alternate Art Card B
3 wins: 6 packs / 1 Alternate Art Card A / 1 Alternate Art Card B
2 wins: 3 packs / 1 Alternate Art Card A / 1 Alternate Art Card B
1 win: 2 packs
0 wins: 1 pack

VIP Sealed
Players: 16 minimum – 256 maximum
Format: 4 rounds of Swiss
Entry fee: 1,400 plat or 6xBoosters + 200 plat
4 wins: 10 packs / 2 Alternate Art Card A / 2 Alternate Art Card B
3 wins: 8 packs / 1 Alternate Art Card A / 1 Alternate Art Card B
2 wins: 4 packs / 1 Alternate Art Card A / 1 Alternate Art Card B
1 win: 2 packs
0 wins: 1 pack

VIP Alternate Art Cards

Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec: Xentoth’s Inquisitor AA / Menacing Gralk AA
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr: Goremaster AA / Succulent Cluckodon AA
May, Jun, Jul, Aug: Carnasaurus AA / Valiant Escort AA
Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec: Quash Ridge Tusker AA / Exarch of the Egg AA
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr: Crocosaur AA / Minion of Yazukan AA
May, Jun, Jul, Aug: Grace of Tiaanost AA / Psionic Flame AA
Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec: Righteous Vanquisher AA / Rizzix AA
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr: Lazgar’s Vengeance AA / Ripple of Janai’ngo AA
May, Jun, Jul, Aug: Typhoon Skyshaper AA / Cryptcurse Knight AA
Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec: Massacre AA / Orchi-Notion AA
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr: Light the Votives AA / Cult of the Nameless City AA
May, Jun, Jul, Aug: Graven Geist AA / Emsee, Etcher of Nulzann AA

HEX High-Stakes Tournament Series

HEX BashHEX Clash

Every weekend you can join our special HEX Clash Sealed Tournaments or HEX Bash Constructed to win thousands of dollars in platinum, glory, exclusive cosmetic prizes, and alternate art cards! For more details, check out the event pages here and here.