Happy 5th Birthday, HEX!

Jun 5, 2018

Today we have a special message from Cory to celebrate HEX’s fifth birthday!

Fives Jives

Hello, my friends!

Every year I say “it’s hard to believe” (I went back and checked), BUT it’s true—every year IT IS hard to believe it’s been that many years making HEX a reality. And, today we’ve hit FIVE years! I want to start this out with a thank you to the players who have made this game great. We are constantly surprised by the level of support the community gives the game and the amazing tools, streamers, and content providers that make our little HEX universe so fun and inviting. It cannot be overstated how important you are to our health and growth as a game and a community. We love you very much and appreciate everything you do for HEX. I hope in the future we can continue to grow not only as a community, but also as a partner to the talented content creators providing so much value to the game we all love.

This has been an interesting year to say the very least! In some ways, this has been our most challenging year since year one. The move to self-publishing has been great, but it has its challenges as well. It has allowed us to be agile and make the best possible decisions, but it has also put us in a position of having to be VERY smart with our limited resources. We don’t have a deep pocket publisher to go to if the books don’t balance. In an effort to grow the game, we have looked at every possible opportunity (and the cost associated with it) and tried to make the smart move at each turn. I think our focus on new platforms (PS4 globally) was the absolutely the right decision. We see the revenue numbers, and Sony is a fair share of the money currently earned for HEX. Our secondary focus has been on new ways to play HEX and amping the rewards associated with the gameplay you know and love. Clearly this part of the equation is still a work in progress, but I am very excited by our steps here. I think we are honing in on some very fun formats.

Speaking of fun formats, I hope everyone is enjoying the Merry Melee! I have been really digging the wackiness of these modes. The only one I was a bit underwhelmed by was “Who’s the Boss,” but I think as we move forward there are ways to make it work. I remain DEEPLY in love with the Corinth format, and I hope we can find even cooler ways to play HEX as we iterate on the modes. Over the next several weeks you will see the rest of this first round of Merry Melee madness, including PORTAL COMBAT!

I love seeing the feedback on these on modes and how we can improve them, so please keep that coming. We already have a few new ideas on modes we can add later down the road, and, as I said before, please feel free to suggest what you would like to see. Clearly some of the current ideas we have now came from the forums 🙂

Finally, thank you for playing HEX! Yes we are small game, but we have a big heart, and we are always trying our hardest to give you the game you deserve. Yes, we would love to have a million players and huge budgets so we could give you everything you (and we) want, but the reality is we have to work hard and smart with what we have and always be driving toward innovation (I think our features speak to that commitment). Hopefully this next year sees HEX grow and add even more great gameplay for you all to enjoy.

-Princess Cory


This year’s comic begins on page 24 and is the theme for the 5th Birthday sleeve (pictured above). Each player will receive this commemorative sleeve as long as they had an active account before June 5th, 2018.

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