Hero of Legend Collector’s Deck Now Avaliable

May 9, 2017

We are excited to introduce the Hero of Legend Collector’s Deck to the in-game store! Available now, this deck will have you looking legendary as you valorously vanquish your foes.

Hero of Legend Collector Box

This deck comes with two unique Alternate Arts, an animated sleeve, and a brand new AAA (Animated Alternate Art) card! Take on the role of a true hero with these dazzling Diamond beauties:

Decree of Banishing AAMoonrise Elder AA

The Hero of Legend Collector’s Deck will be available in-store for 2,000 platinum. Pick up your copy today!

A full decklist can be found here:

Ardent Crusader socketed with Minor Diamond of Wind
Moonrise Elder AA socketed with Major Diamond of the Ardent

Champion: Marshal Josephina


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