HEX UPDATE – Herofall Gems

Aug 12, 2016

Hello Hexers, today we have something that we believe will be of some interest to you. NEW GEMS!!!

As Ben Stoll already informed us in his article, gems will rotate with the release of Herofall and be replaced by 20, brand spanking new options. Let’s take a look at what you will be getting:

These will be the gems that you will play with in PvE, Standard, and Limited formats. We are excited to see how these shake things up. Note that new gems will do more than spice up the Herofall experience—all our previous socketed cards will have a new space to explore. What will Azurefate Sorceress be up to after this? Will Rune Ear Hierophant still have the same impact? We are excited to see how these new gems are put to use in the community.

Don’t fret about the old gems though. They will still be legal inside of our Immortal format, where older PvP sets can still be played. Ben talked about this format in his article from a couple of weeks ago. Each socketed card will have a lot more options in the Immortal format since you can use old and new gems alike. Also, specific gems will not necessarily be gone from Standard formats for all time. All of the gems being released with Herofall are new, but you may see old ones revisit here or there with future releases.

Dan Clark-

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