Our commitment to a thriving and vibrant tournament scene is unwavering, which is why we are thrilled to announce that we are offering another weekly high-stakes tournament! With all new exclusive cosmetics, thousands of dollars worth of platinum, and exciting door prizes, it’s time to supercharge your constructed decks and get ready for the HEX Bash!

HEX Clash

This weekly constructed tournament is swiss standard capped at 4 rounds for maximum convenience. You get paid out depending on your record. It runs Saturday and Sunday (Saturdays at 8am PT,
Sundays at 4pm PT), and it is the only way to receive a rotating selection of exclusive Sleeves, Alternate Arts, and Battleboards! Check out these lovelies:

Sunlit Sentence AAA

Gorgeous, right?

Here’s the full prize breakdown:


Format: Standard Constructed
Cost: 700 Platinum
Length: 4 rounds, swiss pairings
Match: Best of three

  • 1-0 Wins – n/a
  • 2 Wins – 5 current set booster packs, AAA card
  • 3 Wins – 12 current set booster packs, AAA card, AAA sleeve
  • 4 Wins – 10,000 platinum, AAA card, AAA sleeve, Battleboard

But that’s not all! We know there are many of you out there just beginning to take part in the HEX tournament scene. Maybe you are still learning or maybe you don’t have confidence in your HEX skills just yet. With HEX Bash, we are introducing a door prize system for aspiring tournament competitors. Now, with every HEX Bash tournament, a few lucky participants will also receive some of these awesome exclusives as well!

We will be giving out a total of 2 random Battleboards to players without 4 wins, 4 random AAA sleeves to players without 3 wins, and 4 random AAA cards to those favored by Kismet.

These door prizes will be awarded once the swiss portion of the tournament is completed. Winners will be notified by in-game mail when they earn one of these rewards.

Excited yet? So are we!

You are able to join HEX Bash tournaments from the Special tab in the Battlegrounds. Entry is 700 platinum.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to Bash for some cash! We will see you in the Battlegrounds.