HEX Clash AAA Update

Jul 7, 2017

Hey all, Corey Burkhart here to update you about some HEX Clash updates we’ll be implementing soon.

Our first HEX Clash with Frostheart kicked off well. Players used many exciting new strategies, even with only a few days of learning the new set! We’re excited to see how the sealed format takes shape in the following months. For now however, I want to talk about the Animated Alternate Arts awarded in the HEX Clash tournament.

We wanted the Animated Alternate Arts (AAA) of this Clash tournament’s reward cycle to resemble the frosty Battleboard of the new and improved Frost Ring Arena. This was our first time synching PvP and PvE updates thematically, so we really wanted to tie everything together in one beautiful package. While we think we succeeded on the thematics front, we believe we can do better on the chase aspect of our AAA Clash rewards.

Frostlock is a powerful card, but at six resources it’s difficult to play four copies in a deck. This means that while it is strong enough to see competitive play, it doesn’t quite reach staple status. We want our AAA cards to be something you are excited to chase after and collect a full playset of, so we went looking for solutions.

Short-term, we will be adding an additional AAA card to the top 32 prize pool, a corresponding animated sleeve for the top 16, and door prizes for this Clash rotation. This new card/sleeve is one that was discussed by many of you on the forums—Into the Unknown! Into the Unknown has many qualities similar to our smash hit Herofall, but most importantly, it’s something we know players will be excited about. It is strong, it is something that Sapphire players will want four of, and it will look amazing once our animators are through with it.

Into the Unknown AAA SleeveInto the Unknown AAA

If you already played in the HEX Clash this rotation, never fear! We will be back-granting these rewards to eligible players. Here are the winners of the additional batch of door prizes from last weekend:

Into the Unknown AAA Sleeve

  • 77th place – Snawswer
  • 78th place – hororizon
  • 32nd place – MtgCollector
  • 59th place – Pentrine
  • 102nd place – Hoyled
  • 67th place – Ceiphied
  • 88th place – Artifaction
  • 47th place – Incindium

Into the Unknown AAA Card

  • 61st place – TheDarkKnight
  • 124th place – Korflag
  • 123rd place – Limekiller
  • 52nd place – Parni
  • 148th place – ZhurGranosh
  • 113th place – Justiis
  • 73rd place – Rageless
  • 54th place – Malekith

To reacap, players finishing in the top 32 of future Clash tournaments will receive both an AAA Frostlock and an AAA Into the Unknown. Players that compete in the tournament but don’t make it into the top 32 will be eligible for a door prize of an AAA Frostlock and an AAA Into the Unknown. Sleeves will follow a similar pattern with a cutoff of the top 16. The drawings for these cards/sleeves will be done separately so as to give out the greatest number of prizes to the greatest number of competitors.

Moving Forward

To ensure that our prizes are as Hype-worthy as possible, we are going to expand our polling to include not just the upcoming ladder sleeves, but also some of the key rewards for our tournament events. Once an entire set is spoiled, we’ll ask players to vote on the forums for their favorite cards. After a week of voting, we will crown a winner and get an AAA made for the community’s favorite rare. This means that for the first month after a set releases, we’ll continue to award older AAA cards. Then, once we have the new art for the Clash cards you voted for, we’ll begin awarding them in HEX Clash tournaments.

With these improvements, we know it’s much more likely the best possible cards will get into the hands of the audience that will most enjoy them. We’re going to use this system for future AAA cards granted by the HEX Clash, and we’re really excited to see how you like this going forward as well.

That’s all for this week everyone! I hope to see you in the Clash soon!

~Corey Burkhart

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