HEX Invitational Finals Announcement

Jan 13, 2016

This weekend, one player will rise to claim their spot as the twelfth and final player to compete for their share of the $100,000 HEX Invitational purse. We’re now ready to wrap up the qualifiers and move towards the exciting Finals here in Orange County, CA.

Let’s start with a the most important information: after much deliberation we decided to move the finals weekend by two weeks because we wanted to ensure we could secure an amazing location for the finals! The new finals will happen on March 5th and 6th. Changing the event date is not a decision that we made lightly, but it did lead us to what would allow us to provide a professional-level event worthy of being called the HEX Invitational.



We will be hosting the event in the new and wildly popular eSports Arena a dedicated eSports facility open daily in downtown Santa Ana, CA.


Take a second to head over to their site: this place is awesome, with multiple floors all custom designed around hosting and broadcasting tournaments. They will provide competitors and spectators with an authentic eSports experience. Yes, the venue is perfectly set up for live spectating, and we would love for HEX enthusiasts to attend and have that live experience that just can’t be reproduced in any other way. We’ll be opening doors to spectators at 10 AM both days.

Attendees will have the option to purchase HEX Invitational memorabilia including this beautiful HEX Invitational poster with in-game sleeves to commemorate your experience.  In addition, most of the HEX staff will be on-site and mingling with the attendees.  You can even get an awkward hug from Cory!




For those that are attending, here are some more details:

  • The venue will open at 10 AM both days and close at the conclusion of the event: roughly at 6 PM
  • The address is: eSports Arena 120 W. 5th St., Santa Ana, CA 92701
  • We ask that an adult accompany attendees under the age of 13.
  • We want to make attendees aware that alcohol will be available to those of legal age, 21 and over, at the venue.




For those who are planning to watch the broadcast, from the comfort of their own home, here are some details:

  • The broadcast will start at 10:30 AM Pacific on both days
  • The broadcast can be found on
  • Don’t forget to log into the game during the HEX Invitational weekend to receive a special HEX Invitational sleeve.
  • We will be announcing the commentary team for this event shortly.



Rules and Terms of Service

For more information about the Rules and Terms of Service for the tournament, you can click the links below:

  • Tournament Rules (PDF)
  • Tournament Terms of Service (PDF)
  • Tournament Integrity (Webpage)




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