HEX Sunset Blowout

Oct 1, 2020

Hello Hex Community, we have some difficult news to share with you today. The HEX team has put every ounce of our beings into crafting and supporting this truly special game, but we are required to close HEX: Shards of Fate on December 31, 2020.

For more information please see this link:

HEX has been our dream for over a decade. As a community, your passion and support helped us realize parts of that dream for over 5 years. For this, we are incredibly grateful. Your support all these years allowed us to create the kind of card game the team has always wanted to play and to bring the world of Entrath to life. We will always remember this time we were able to enjoy HEX.

For these last few months, we want to do something special for those of you who continue to play and appreciate HEX. First, as of right now, we have consolidated our queues to make it easier to find a game. We are limiting our tournament offerings to the following:

  • Standard Constructed Ladder
  • Corinth Merry Melee
  • Evolving Sealed Gauntlet
  • Draft Gauntlet
  • Our remaining CCS tournament on November 21st

Next, we have removed all barriers to entry. All tournament entry costs (except our remaining November 21st CCS, which you still need to qualify for) have been reduced to 0. You can play as much as you like at no cost (no boosters, no platinum, just click and join!). As part of this change, we are closing down HEX currency purchases and putting all booster packs into the store so you can celebrate the full span of HEX’s content. We have always wanted everyone to feel like they are getting great value for supporting us, and, for these last few months, that means playing and enjoying the game as much as you like with our community.

For those without a lot of platinum stored up, we are also granting daily login boosters for the remaining time we have left. Each day, players can log in to receive two of each of the standard legal boosters (Herofall through Doombringer) to build and play with as they wish. We have also changed the rewards of our Draft Gauntlet so anyone can play and win older sets to build with as well. These new rewards are:

  • 3 match wins = 2 Shards of Fate / 2 Shattered Destiny / 1 Armies of Myth / 1 Primal Dawn
  • 2 match wins = 1 Armies of Myth / 1 Primal Dawn
  • 1 match win = Random Rare

Finally, as of this posting, we have also taken snapshots of your collections so we can honor our promises regarding possible future projects in the HEX universe. We cannot say when that might be at this time, but we remain committed to the value of the collections you have made by supporting us this far.

Thank you for everything,

The HEX Team

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