Apr 1, 2015

We have some confessions to make…


Note: This was an April Fool’s post.

Hi HEXers,

This update is coming at a seemingly foreboding time, but we wanted to clear the air with our community who deserve the truth! We wanted to talk about the Princess Cory AI in the Frost Ring Arena and Set 3.

Princess Cory AI

Two patches ago, the AI programmed in the arena that plays Princess Cory was deleted. Because of this, all your arena runs where you faced off against Princess Cory have actually been a battle with our very own CEO, Cory Jones.

I think when people play against Princess Cory they deserve an authentic experience… ALT+TAB really makes it all possible.” – Cory Jones


Set 3 AA Art

Due to a couple of typos in emails, we ended up ordering all AA art for Set 3, “Armies of Myth”. What this means is that all cards in Set 3 will be Alternative Art cards. The standard art that has been ordered for the set will be limited versions.

Inflict-Doubt-aa Inflict Doubt - Reg

Now that we got that off our chest, we hope you’re enjoying our Feast of Abundance event!

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