HEX Update – HEX Invitational Wrap Up!

Mar 11, 2016

Hi HEXers. We hope you’re enjoying the Primal Dawn previews. This past weekend, we wrapped up our first $100,000 HEX Invitational with Koma taking home the grand prize. We’re currently busy cutting up the video so you can watch the individual matches online. You can already watch the finals on YouTube. Today, we uploaded all the promo videos for each HEX Invitational competitor so you can meet all the awesome players who battled in our first big step into ESports.

Handcrafted in Entrath

This week’s Primal Dawn spoiler is pure gas.


With a name like Mr. Cheesesmythe, it’s hard to imagine this Elf growing up to be anything else. He was born to make cheese, and he delivers every turn. And whereas some elves might specialize in specific cheeses, the Artisinal Cheesesmythe is not limited to simple swiss or, shudder, processed slices. No! He can create a wild variety of cheeses to satisfy any player’s palate.


The Dragon Valley Brie is the choice for the health conscious out there, and Kraken Barrel Cheddar brings back memories of laying seaside during much more peaceful times. But, that was ages ago. Even this master of muenster has been affected by the horrible conflicts brought by the shattering of the HEX moon. Ever krafty, he turned his own skills into a formidable weapon. Out of all the ways to meet one’s end, death by this creamy Goliath, well, there’s nothing gouda ’bout that.

I’d love to tell you more, but it’s time to cut these puns before the jokes go stale. Let us know what you think of this new troop in the forum link at the end of the article.

Five Shards Weekly Tournament Series, Saturday and Sunday

For the first three weeks of March, FiveShards will run two weekly constructed tournament series. The open tournaments will be in-client, standard constructed, swiss with a cut to the top 8, require no entry fee, and offer 10,000 platinum for first place in addition to boosters and qualifying points for the top 16 players. Players may enter either or both tournaments (though the points are tied to a specific finale), and the final tournament will happen at the end of the month which features 20,000 in platinum prizes for the top 4 of each series! One series occurs on Saturday, at 4pm PST while the other will take place on Sundays, at 8am PST. For more details, visit the official FiveShards page for the series here.


The fourth tournament of the FiveShards Shard Cup Tournament Series happens this March 12th, 2016 at 9:00am PST. Compete in this constructed tournament for over 250 boosters in prizes and earn points to qualify for the lucrative Cup of Fate. You can register for the tournament in client under the tournament screen and will be called “Community Tournament!” For more details, check out the announcement here.

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