HEX Update – It’s no Myth

Mar 20, 2015

Hi HEXers. We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks here. If you love PVE, we launched arena this month to great success. We love seeing your run screenshots, decklists, and Princess Cory transformation stories in the forums and across social media. If you’re a tournament player, we announced an upcoming HEX Invitational with a total prize pool of over $100,000. Once we’ve announced the start date, you’ll be able to earn points with our daily scheduled tournaments and be on your way to qualifying for the big trip to compete here for your share of that cash.

We patched on Wednesday to fix some bugs, introduce some new cards into the Arena decks, and give Dungeon Crawlers their 100% loot bonus to equipment. The gold bonus is in development and will be coming soon. Just remember that this effect only pertains to bosses, so you only get the bonuses at the end of each stage. Check out the patch notes to see everything we did this week.

Armies of Myth – The Third Set from HEX: Shards of Fate

That’s right; the name of the next set coming to you is titled Armies of Myth. This set expands upon the world of Entrath, highlighting the Vennen, Coyotle, Elf, and Necrotic races. Three new keywords— Prophecy, Shift, and Allegiance—will provide new strategies and tactics with which you can take down your opponents.


Keep checking back here on for more information—including release date, card previews, and equipment spoilers—as we move closer to Armies of Myth!

Gold Rush

A few updates back, we mentioned that there would be some items available for purchase with gold. With Arena up for the last few weeks, we’re sure that you have plenty of coin burning a hole in your champion’s pocket/satchel/purse.  In a future update, you’ll find these 6 alternate art cards available in the HEX store. Spend your platinum elsewhere, as these are exclusively available for gold.

Sapper's-Charge-AAx250 Survival-of-the-Fittest-AAx250 Repel-AAx250

Murder-AAx250 Burn-AAx250 Buccaneer-AAx250

Hextechs Open: Nulzann

This community-run event will take place on Saturday March 21st, 2015 at 11am EST (with top 8 matches directly following the swiss rounds). The format will be current constructed (set 1 & 2 legal) and there will be an entry fee of 500 plat. This entry fee makes up the prize pool, however you upon entering you are also entered into various door prizes to be given out at random throughout the event! For more information and if you have any questions check out the forums link:

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