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Mar 25, 2016

Hi HEXers! Hope you’ve enjoying VIP weekend! It’s Sealed Deck this month with these two popular exclusive promos up for grabs.

This month’s rewards are alternate art Minion of Yazukan and alternate art Crocosaur! The format is Sealed Deck, so get those pack cracking hands– or mouse clicker finger– ready! Take a look at the tournament times below and get those AAs!

Minion of Yazukan AA Crocosaur AA

Start times listed in PDT below:
Friday: 10:00 AM, 7:00 PM

Saturday: 3:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 6:00 PM 

Sunday: 9:00 AM

If you are not yet a HEX VIP and don’t want to miss out on these tournaments, you should definitely become one. Head to the in-game store and choose 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. With your purchase, you get a pack per week of the current set plus tickets to allow entry into these events (tournament entry fees still apply). Players who sign up for the full year also get the exclusive Cerulean Mirror Knight Alternate Art sleeve! See the VIP FAQ for more information.

Hot off the Presses

We published three articles this week! Wow!

Today, we spoiled two Primal Dawn cards in Varranis’s first HEX article! He’s a professional TCG analyst and part of that is identifying historical trends in the genre, then figuring out how they fit into each particular game. His first installment of Primordial Knowledge is on Howling Brave– in current touranment decks, this card is used as copies 5 and 6 of Chlorophyllia. But, there’s so much more potential packed into this 1/1 Coyotle. Find out the best way you could be using this card today

On Wednesday, we also had pro TCG player Jeff Hoogland write up his first piece for the website with his Deck Drilldown series. He’s taking popular decks in the metagame, analyzing them, giving matchup advice from both sides of the game, and closes with ideas for improvement. His first shot is the Spiders deck from the HEX Invitational. If you’re looking to either play this deck or beat this deck, his piece is perfect for you.

The developer article is an oldie, but a goodie. On Monday, developer Rysu unveiled the Oracle of Oracles and how this card came to be, as well as its place in expressing the Coyotle way of life.

Primal Dawn

We’re continuing to work on delivering Primal Dawn and making good progress. While you wait, I wanted to show you two cards that represent another sub-theme you’ll see in the set: the haters.


Orcs hate Vennen and vice versa. Dwarves hate Elves, and so on. In Armies of Myth, you were introduced to cards like Neophyte Awakener which represented the conflict between the Necrotic and the Humans. In Primal Dawn, we finish off the cycle with the remaining races. You’ll see that the Exterminator kills bugs dead and with each job gives a 10-card guarantee of your board being pest-free. The Dwarf takes a different angle. Why take the fight to the Elves when you can just make robots do your bidding, especially when your robot is a superior model compared to soft flesh-and-blood? You’ll see these and the remaining haters when Primal Dawn releases.

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