HEX Update – Primal Dawn Release Date

Apr 15, 2016

Primal Dawn is coming April 26th, 2016!


Hi HEXers. It’s your Friday update, and we have news for you. Primal Dawn is scheduled to launch Tuesday, April 26th, 2016! You’ll have over 200 more cards to collect and use in battle, plus all new equipment, sleeves, and more from the Wheels of Fate through Primal Dawn chests! If you want a quick refresher on the new set, head on over and read HEXRysu’s first article on everything you’ll see in just over a week! Stay tuned for more information about Release Celebration events and everything else happening with the dawn of the primals!

Steam Powered

Before Primal Dawn release, we’re launching on Steam! That is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th! This isn’t exactly a feature launch, but it’s big news for HEX. You’ll have more friends, more players in the auction house, more everything! If you’re wondering what this means for you as a player, we posted a quick write-up yesterday that you’ll want to read.

Forum Migration

While we’re doing that, we’re going to bring together the players on the forums and the Gameforge HEX forums. This morning, we outlined exactly what’s going to happen and the general timeframe in which it’s happening. We’re happy to have everyone under one roof, so to speak, so we can have more consistent interactions with players across the globe.

PAX East

Finally, if you’re attending PAX East this April 22nd through 24th, we’ll be there!

paxeast ROCCAT

Come play HEX at the ROCCAT booth (#4224). You can meet Director of Game Theory Ben Stoll, Lead Designer of Primal Dawn Ryan Sutherland, and Producer-Plus-Future-Bear-Wrestler Kyle Heuer. We’ll have giveaways for HEX prizes and amazing ROCCAT gaming gear. See you there!

VIP Next Week

This is the final month to win alternate art Minion of Yazukan and alternate art Crocosaur! The format is Constructed, so get your wins in with your Armies of Myth metagame deck before Primal Dawn changes everything! Take a look at the tournament times below and get those AAs!

Minion of Yazukan AA Crocosaur AA

Start times listed in PDT below:
Friday: 10:00 AM, 7:00 PM

Saturday: 3:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 6:00 PM 

Sunday: 9:00 AM

If you are not yet a HEX VIP and don’t want to miss out on these tournaments, you should definitely become one. Head to the in-game store and choose 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. With your purchase, you get a pack per week of the current set plus tickets to allow entry into these events (tournament entry fees still apply). Players who sign up for the full year also get the exclusive Cerulean Mirror Knight Alternate Art sleeve! See the VIP FAQ for more information.


For the first four weeks of April, FiveShards will run two weekly constructed tournament series. The open tournaments will be in-client, standard constructed, single-elimiation, require no entry fee, and offer 10,000 platinum for first place in addition to boosters and qualifying points for the top 16 players. Players may enter either or both tournaments (though the points are tied to a specific finale), and the final tournament will happen at the end of the month which features 20,000 in platinum prizes for the top 4 of each series! One series occurs on Saturday, at 4pm PDT while the other will take place on Sundays, at 7am PDT. For more details, visit the official FiveShards page for the series here.

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