HEX Update – Upgrayedd

Feb 19, 2016

Hi HEXers! We patched successfully this week to improve HEX in so many ways, so let’s give a quick overview.

First, we improved hardware performance. That means the game is running smoother and more efficiently. That may not seem like the biggest improvement when the game was already running fine for most players, but this means we can take on more players—way more players! And the ability to take on more players and provide them a smooth gaming experience means that we’re also increasing our efforts to introduce more players to HEX so you’ll have more opponents, more trade partners, and more friends.

The lion’s share of the improvements were quality of life improvements and card bug fixes. We enhanced the colors on targeting and combat lines. We made the champion power button reflect your class. We fixed a ton of gameplay issues, including the issue with Spiritbound Spy blocking swiftstrike troops and the phantom coming into play as a blocker. The phantom is no longer blocking in this case. The campaign got plenty of attention as well. The Gnomes Come Home quest can now be completed by all and reward cards that weren’t properly dropping like Voracious Vultures dropping from Ancient Thorn Knight in Smoldering Dead.


Our developers made some balancing tweaks to encounters like Corrupt Dryad. We felt it was too difficult for that early stage in the game and our dive into the data confirmed it. Yes, it’s an optional encounter but the game also provides players a quest that leads to the Corrupted Dryad encounter, so it doesn’t appear to be an optional encounter and players certainly didn’t treat it as such. This battle is now in-line with other encounters at that stage in the game.

Finally, the auction house now allows new campaign cards to be searched and bought. So, drop by and either put your extra copies of cards up for sale or head there for the best deal on the cards you need to finish your latest deck.

HEX Invitational 2016

While many on the HEX staff are working on both the next PVP set and the next adventure chapter, a group of us continue to work towards the first HEX Invitational.


March 5th and 6th we’ll be in Orange County, CA. Our casters are practicing, promos are being made, shirts are in—this is happening! Make sure to join us here at ESports arena—we promise it’ll be an event you don’t want to miss. If you unfortunately cannot join us, then watch us on Twitch. It’s just two weeks away!


For the first three weeks of February, FiveShards will run two weekly constructed tournament series. The open tournaments will be in-client, standard constructed, swiss with a cut to the top 8, require no entry fee, and offer 10,000 platinum for first place in addition to boosters and qualifying points for the top 16 players. Players may enter either or both tournaments (though the points are tied to a specific finale), and the final tournament will happen at the end of the month which features 20,000 in platinum prizes for the top 4 of each series! One series occurs on Saturday, at 4pm PST while the other will take place on Sundays, at 8am PST. A similar schedule will happen in March as well. For more details, visit the official FiveShards page for the series here.

That’s all for this week. Please leave any questions or comments in the forums, and don’t forget to Follow us on TwitterLike us on FacebookFollow us on Twitch, and register on our forums.

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