Hexploration – Finding Yarna’s Voice

Oct 24, 2017

Who helps the person that goes out of their way to help others? Who helps the person that cheers people up; who cheers him up? When the seeker of lost voices loses their voice; who finds her voice? Well, I don’t know about the first two, but I got Yarna’s back. I’ve been tweaking and editing Yarna decklists for some time now. I’ve been trying to find a Yarna bury deck that works, that someone could use to climb to Cosmic if they so desired. I think I’ve finally found that deck. It’s taken me awhile to write this piece because I don’t want to give you a deck that has no shot of doing well. I’m aiming for fun and competitive. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is the best deck in HEX, but it is the best Yarna bury deck that I’ve built…. And I’ve built many.

Let’s look at the list I played in the Arcanum Vault some time ago:

4 Underworld Crusader Minor Sapphire of Lunacy

Champion: Yarna of Lost Voices

I ended up going 3-1 beating McBombus, Wintermoon, and Kagulichu. I lost my final match to Kagulichu. The last game was close, and I would have stabilized, but on my draw step I drew the two eggs that my opponent’s Exarch of the Egg had put into my deck. I played against four metagame decks and fared well against them. So, the deck does have power to it.

Let’s talk about the deck.

Angles of Attack

  1. Bury them out! The main goal of the deck is to put all their cards into their crypt so when they go to draw a card, they can’t and lose the game. So, don’t be super aggressive. You have many cards that reward you for going late like Cult of the Nameless City, Ghastly Exchange, Priest of the Sacred Web, and Nameless Truths.
  2. Like any midrange deck you can win just by beating them down. I know I said don’t be aggressive, but it’s also important to know when you should start attacking. That’s usually when you are in control of the battlefield. If you have more troops than your opponent, than pressure their health total. Just keep in mind that your opponent might have quick troops or Speed troops that will punish you for attacking.
  3. Against decks that rely on specific cards like Bounty of the Magus or Violet’s Caress, you can win just from burying those specific cards. Even decks that rely heavily on Ice shards you turn off because of Cult of the Nameless City and Ghastly Exchange. Fever Bloom and Underworld Crusader are also fantastic at essentially countering spells like Lanupaw’s Sight.
  4. Priest of the Sacred Web can take over a game just by itself. If you have it out long enough and use its ability enough times, then you’ll soon be sacrificing spiders to just put more spiders into your opponent’s deck. This is great plan against any deck. Control will have a very difficult time dealing with random 1/1 troops created for no resources, especially since it can interfere with their original game plan. Midrange and aggressive decks you’ll just create too many blockers for them to deal with. You can start blocking troops and then sacrificing them to Priest of the Sacred Web.

Cards and their Purpose

  • Cult of the Nameless City is the payoff card for burying your opponent’s cards. If this card didn’t exist, then we would have no incentive to even bury our opponent’s deck. What’s great about it is it even helps us in that it buries a single card every turn on our ready step. This may not seem like much, but with all the Ice Shards going around, it really does hurt the opponent’s Fateweave.
  • Ghastly Exchange buries both players and has a quick speed Call the Grave built in. Call the Grave has seen a some play in the past, so we know it has potential. It’s fantastic against cards like Rotten Rancor since it essentially interrupts the card if you steal the troop they are targeting. It works great with Underworld Crusader since you can sacrifice the Crusader if your opponent tries to Transmogrifade or Into the Unknown it. This way, you’ll draw your two cards from it and get back a troop from a crypt, hopefully another Crusader.
  • Underworld Crusader is another bury card since it has the Minor Sapphire of Lunacy in it. Playing it means you’ll bury four cards then, when it dies, you’ll draw two and lose two health…. all attached on a 4/4 body for the cheap cost of three resources. Yes, yes please!
  • The Librarian creates two bodies and will also bury four cards when it connects with the opponent’s face. This is easy to do since the Library Curator gives chaostouched unblockable. The Librarian is very slow at what it does, but it’s also powerful since it does give you card advantage as well.
  • Fever Bloom is the worst of the bunch since it can’t create any card advantage. However, it does accelerate everything else, including your charge power which is nice. In future iterations of the deck, this card gets the axe for just being too slow and not doing enough.

The Card Advantage

Every single card that buries, excluding Fever Bloom, also provides card advantage. It’s what makes them playable in the long run. We don’t have enough powerful bury cards to build a turbo bury deck, so instead we need ones that slowly eat away at our opponent’s deck while giving us card advantage over time. Outside of the bury cards we also have:

  • Nameless Truths: This card is a lot better than it seems. It grabs cards out of any crypt, not just yours. You can mix and match any of them. It also allows us to punish our opponents if they choose to bury cards with Yarna’s charge ability.
  • Death’s Head Rider: Great at killing a troop of your opponent’s choice. You can also buy it back in the late game with Ghastly Exchange to Scrounge again and make your opponent sacrifice two troops instead of one.
  • Everything else that makes eggs and puts them into the opponent’s deck can be card advantage, but it’s not reliable card advantage. While it is random, I can’t remember the last game I lost when I was able to activate Phento’s ability two or more times.

The Stall

All the troops in this deck can buy you time by blocking, especially things like Exarch of the Egg or Tribunal Magistrate. Even the Librarian and his little Curator can block for you in a pinch, Naive Lackey is strictly for blocking or sacrificing. On top of troops, you also have access to the full amount of Strangles and Herofalls to deal with opposing troops. This version of the deck wants to stall a lot and just deck the opponent. As I mentioned earlier, in future iterations of the deck have I have removed Fever Bloom all together.

Let us look at another list where someone went down the same path:

Warpsteel Shardsworn socketed with Minor Blood Orb of Tombs
Underworld Crusader socketed with Minor Sapphire of Lunacy
Skittergear Gang socketed with Major Sapphire of Clarity
Mad Robomancer socketed with Major Sapphire of Sorcery and Minor Sapphire of Wit

Champion: Yarna of Lost Voices

DistantSouth managed to finish sixth in the Hex Bash on 10/14/2017 with this list. Note that he also removed Fever Blooms in favor of stronger troops and spells. I’ve tried everything DistantSouth has except for the Ryaalinth the Soulcursed. It might just be good enough as a Flight threat and a potential one-sided board wipe. I can see it doing powerful things.

The only cards I do not like in his deck are Rizzix and Skittergear Gang. I have played with both cards and they just kept coming up short. Skittergear Gang costs too much, even with the Major Sapphire of Clarity, and they just don’t have enough impact on the battlefield when they do come down. Everything else looks solid though, and this shows that Yarna decks do indeed have potential. The next set is on the horizon, and I really hope we get some more tools to help out Yarna decks. I’d really like to be able to be a true bury deck that plays Demented Ascension.

Before I head out, I’d like to leave you with some videos I recorded with Yarna of Lost Voices on Twitch. Keep in mind these videos were recorded before this article. Also, don’t mind the hair, I just came from the gym. Thinking of good possibilities for Yarna decks and working out is hard!


Fight the good fight and give Yarna all the voices!

As always, thanks for reading.

Ali Aintrazi

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