Oh no! We are sorry that you are having some trouble. Luckily, our support team is ready and waiting to help you out. Here are a few things to keep in mind so they can solve your problem as quickly as possible:

Contacting Support

  1. To submit a support ticket, please PM Dinotropia on the forums with a summary of your issue.
  2. Our team works diligently to solve all problems quickly, but depending on your issue it may take a little time to resolve. Please wait at least a week before following up on your ticket.
  3. Most problems can be solved quickly with a little bit of knowledge. Our in-game NOBLEs team can often help. Try contacting them first before submitting a ticket.
  4. Please read the FAQ below to see if you have a common issue and the best way to take care of it when contacting our support team.
  5. Your rights and responsibilities can be found in our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.

Support FAQ

My client crashed. What should I do?

If you are a reporting a crash on your client, please include an output log to help us identify what the problem is. Follow these simple instructions and attach the log with your ticket.

My client keeps crashing. How do I fix it?

Please do a repair install. This helps in most cases. If the problem continues, get an output log/crash -error log and attach it to your ticket so that we can help.

I would like to change my username or update my account email.

While we do accommodate name changes, your username cannot have any numbers, special characters, be shorter than 4 letters, or have any offensive language. Providing information verifying your account in your request (not including password or email) will help speed up the process (e.g. the names of your champions in campaign, last login date, plat and gold count, last mail sent, last tournament played, etc).

I need to report a player. How do I do that?

When reporting a player, please include a screenshot of any situation that would help us investigate the matter.

I would like help with a trade/sale.

While we do allow the trade and sale of HEX cards, we do not mediate trading agreements. If a trade does not go as intended, that is the responsibility of the players involved. However, we still encourage you to report any suspicious activity.

I had a bug/technical error and would like a refund for my tournament.

While we have you covered in most cases, there are a few things you should know. We do not give refunds out for disconnections resulting from local internet issues, power outs, or anything else resulting from the player’s side. We will refund tournaments affected by a bugged card once. After that, it is your responsibility to remember that the card is bugged. We keep a fairly comprehensive list, so please follow known issues on the forums to keep track of common problems.