Introducing Cosmic Coins and Siege Sacks

May 10, 2018

This is Ryan Sutherland, aka HexRysu, and I’m here with you guys today with not one but two exciting new reward systems coming to HEX in our next patch. The first is Cosmic Coins. These are a currency that can be earned by playing in the Cosmic Tier of the Constructed Ladder or the Limited Ladder. The second is Siege Sacks, which is a special currency you can earn by playing in Siege mode on either offense or defense.

These two new currencies will allow you to exchange your earnings from playing in Cosmic Constructed and Siege for exclusive battleboards, alternate art cards, sleeves and a few new reward types that you’ve never seen before!


Anyone who reaches the Cosmic Tier of the Constructed or Limited ladder will unlock the ability to start earning Cosmic Coins. Each ladder match you win when queuing at Cosmic rank will reward you with at least 10 Cosmic Coins. But, we don’t just reward you for winning, we also reward you for doing well. The more matches you win in a row will reward more and more Coins. This streak bonus will get larger and larger up to ten wins in a row (granting an extra 10 coins per win), at which point the bonus will cap. This means if you are on fire, you can get up to 100 bonus Cosmic Coins on top of the normal 10 Coins you earn per win. The longer you can keep your streak going, the better payout you’ll earn!

Of course, earning Coins doesn’t mean anything if you can’t spend them on anything worthwhile. The primary way to spend your Coins is to buy Cosmic Coin Packs. Cosmic Coin Packs will cost 100 Cosmic Coins and will contain a single exciting item within. You will find these Cosmic Coin Packs and other Coin offerings for sale inside the Store under a new tab labeled Prize Exchange.

So what comes in a Cosmic Coin Pack?

The most likely thing you’ll find in a Cosmic Coin Pack is an Alternate Art card:

Refuel AATwilight Justice AADoombringer Kha AA

You can see a few examples above, but when we launch Cosmic Coins, we’ll have 6 different AA cards available in Cosmic Coin Packs, including new versions of some of our favorite prismatic cards.

The next most likely thing you’ll find is a booster pack from the latest set. Nearly 1 in 3 Cosmic Coin Packs will contain a booster pack, offering a new avenue for skilled players to build up their collections over time.

The final thing you could unlock is 1 of 3 new Sleeves. These will be one of the rarest things you can find inside these packs. Much like in Wheels of Fate and Chests, once you’ve unlocked a sleeve, you’ll never earn the same sleeve again.

While many people will stick to spending their Coins on Cosmic Coin Packs, if you’re willing to save up, there are a few exclusive items you can buy directly from the Store using your Cosmic Coins. First, we have a brand new battleboard, The Great Machine Graveyard:

Great Machine Graveyard Concept
Concept sketch of the Great Machine Graveyard battleboard.

The junkyard dogs of Scutt’s trash heap are back with a brand-new battleboard. This battleboard will cost 5000 Cosmic Coins. In addition to this new battleboard, you’ll also be able to purchase one of our new Alternate Art Coins:


There will be 5 different coins available, 1 for each of the shards. They are animated, replace the opening coin flip, and will cost 1,200 Cosmic Coins each.


For those of you who want to get more out of your Sieges, we’re also launching Siege Sacks. Siege Sacks will provide new things to unlock through packs similar to Cosmic Coin Packs… but first, let’s look at how you’ll earn your Siege Sacks.

You can earn Siege Sacks in two different ways—by attacking or by defending. On the defenders side, you get Sacks for both the intensity and duration of your defense. Your Siege defense will gain Siege Sacks for each attacker it successfully repels. You will also generate Siege Sacks the longer your Siege goes undefeated. However, these rewards don’t go to you immediately. They get tucked into your Siege defense with the rest of your rewards. As your Siege repels attackers or otherwise lasts a long time, it will continue to accrue new rewards, which in turn should invite more players to attack you. So, the number of wins your defense racks up and the longer it stays undefeated both add toward your Siege Sack total.

Siege Sacks

When a Siege is defeated, both the attacker and the defender will gain Siege Sacks equal to the Siege Sack total (up to a cap of 500 sacks). These rewards are in addition to the normal bounty rewards of gold or platinum that a Siege defense grants when taken down. Keep in mind that as a Siege Defender, your only way of earning Siege Sacks is for your defense to be defeated. If you choose to withdraw your Siege Defense manually, you’ll end up forfeiting any Siege Sacks stored-up at that time.

Much like Cosmic Coins, you can use Siege Sacks to purchase new Siege Packs, unique battleboards and new Alternate Art Coins for your battleboards. Similar to the Cosmic Coin Packs, Siege Packs will cost 100 Siege Sacks in the Store and contain 1 item when opened.

The contents of these Siege Packs varies quite a bit from Cosmic Coin Packs. While Siege Packs also have AA cards, they don’t appear in as high frequency. Instead, you will be able to unlock all-new PvE cards and Equipment to go with them. These PvE cards and Equipment will only be available to players on PC. PS4 players will instead unlock the AA cards at a faster rate.

Spark of FuryEternal Seeker AA

Showing off your Siege rewards is meant to be a very exclusive thing for those players who can prove that they’ve mastered either attacking Sieges, defending Sieges, or both. Because of this, we’ve decided to make both the packs for Siege as well as the contents of these packs non-tradable.

As these are non-tradable, it was important to avoid the feeling that you were getting the same PvE cards and equipment repeatedly. To alleviate this issue, Siege Packs have smart drops. They will only drop each card four times for you, and each equipment will only drop once. This way you’ll never receive copies you don’t need.

In addition to exclusive PvE content, Siege Packs will also introduce all new Animated Alternate Art Standard resources to the game! There is no limit to the number of these AAA Shards you can obtain, and you can collect these on both the PC and PS4.

Blood Shard AAWild Shard AADiamond Shard AA

Each of these new shard images will also appear on the new sleeves you can unlock in Siege Packs:

AA Ruby SleeveAA Sapphire Sleeve

Finally, the last thing to unlock in the PC Siege Packs are a pair of new mercenaries! Here is one of them now:


As with Cosmic Coins, you’ll also be able to spend 1200 Siege Sacks for an exclusive Alternate Coin, the Molten Coin. And for those who really want to show off how much of a Siege lord you are, for a whopping 5000 Siege Sacks you can unlock the Sisters of Suffering battleboard.

Great Machine Graveyard Concept

The corruption of the Luminaries has been one of my favorite stories in the Frostheart / Doombringer saga, and this new battleboard really helps to tell that story by showing a desecrated chamber that has been taken over by the Sisters.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned here for more updates on our game improvements right here on our website. We’re really excited to get you this latest patch and for you to get these awesome rewards into your hands. Let us know in the forums which reward you’ll most eager to hunt down!

Ryan Sutherland | HexRysu

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