Introducing Kismet’s Draft

Oct 4, 2017

Welcome, everyone! We have a treat for you today. We will soon be introducing a fun and exciting new Draft format to freshen things up! It’s called Kismet’s Draft, and it works a little something like this:

Kismet Draft

For the duration of this event, Kismet Draft will replace the Standard Draft queue. Instead, players will draft using special Kismet Draft Packs. These packs contain cards from all our current Standard sets (sets 3-7) which have been specially hand-picked by our R&D team.*

Kismet Draft Pack

The rules for Kismet’s Draft are similar to our existing Draft gauntlets, with the following exceptions. First, instead of normal packs, these drafts will pay out Kismet Draft Packs based on your record. Second, all champions and all gems are legal in this special draft format. And finally third, there is a special bonus prize for every three match wins you earn (3rd/6th/9th/12th/15th and 18th matches won). At these milestones, players will randomly receive one of six, beautifully animated sleeves which are unique to the Kismet Draft format:


You can never receive a sleeve you already have, so grab 18 wins to collect them all!

Players can enter these Kismet Drafts using any standard combination of 0 to 3 Kismet Draft Packs and 700 to 100 platinum. Three wins will award 6 Kismet Draft Packs, two wins will award 2 Kismet Draft packs, and one win will award 1 random Standard rare card.

We hope you enjoy this exciting draft mashup. As our tournament tools evolve and if the community response is there, we hope to do more things like this in the future. So, if this sounds awesome to you, head on out to the queues and hop onto the forums to show your support!

See you in the battlegrounds~

*See our Friday Update for some small tweaks to the format.

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