IQ Winner Profile – Bootlace

Dec 8, 2015

Bootlace has won his spot to play for the $100,000 in prizes at the HEX Invitational.

What’s your name, where are you from, how long have you been playing HEX?
My name’s Oytun Basaran. I was born in Turkey but have spent most of my life abroad in places such as England, Japan, Belgium, France, and China. I’ve been playing HEX from the start and by my rough estimations I should be playing well past set 100.

Bootlace-champion-headshotYou just won the HEX IQ and will be going to California to play for the grand prize of $40,000. What went through your mind right after the final game?
I felt like a tennis player who had just won a Grand Slam. I don’t remember if I collapsed on the ground in that fashion but I did feel like a ton of pressure falling off my shoulders. My opponent in the final, Chaos, was playing a Spider deck and did a good Xarlox impersonation terrorizing me with each and every single one of my draws.

What are your thoughts now?
I’ve been largely absent from the constructed scene, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to get more involved in that side of the game.

What is it that you love about HEX?
It’s pretty much my dream game. I feel many games and genres tend to age quite quickly but a deep TCG like HEX is timeless, it’ll be equally fun if you play it a hundred years from now. What HEX has done an amazing job with and is by far ahead of anyone else, is build an amazing digital infrastructure around this great core gameplay to keep you invested. Auction House to play with, equipment and loot to earn in PvE, exclusive mercenaries to collect, and so much more on the horizon! I also love all the freedom and flexibility the game offers – everything from choosing your champions, gems, equipment, and maybe even one day our own formats and rules.

What makes you launch the game and battle it out with your fellow HEXers?
No other video game really compares to HEX in terms of ROI for your time. Everything you do in the game translates to enriching your collection, which I view as a digital coffer with real world value that’s only going to appreciate with time. I also am a strong believer that playing a complex TCG like HEX keeps the mind sharp (and is obviously way more fun than something like Sudoku). HEX makes a lot of sense as a pastime and I can much better rationalize all the time spent on it.

What does HEX mean to you?
HEX has crept up on me and slowly taken over my life. I first started as a lucky KS backer, then I developed into a consistent forum poster, and then along with my brother (IGN: Chrome) we decided to put all our energy and time spent on thinking and talking about the game into something a bit more productive: a HEX fan site. Since then things have kept growing and growing and at times HEX has almost been like a full time job, constantly staying on top of the latest developments, keeping guides up to date, running events and competitions and pretty much doing anything we can to support the game and help the community. We really love what we do so HEX has been a huge blessing.

If you were to win the HEX Invitational in February, what is it you’d do with the grand prize?
I’d probably splurge and get courtside seats to see my favorite NBA team: the Golden State Warriors. Besides that, I think I’m still missing a Stormcoat in my collection 😉 .

Could you tell us a little about the deck that carried you to victory in the HEX IQ?
In the sealed portion I played a pretty aggressive Ruby Diamond deck, in my opinion the strongest archetype of the format. In the draft portion things kinda went awry and I ended up playing a weird Ruby Wild Nibblin Skirmisher / Lunge deck (don’t try this at home).

Where can people watch you play?
I don’t stream but as you can probably tell from the length of my answers I like to write, which I do so at

Do you have a message to your fellow HEX IQ winners? Why do they need to be on the lookout for you?
Looking forward to meeting everyone and making history.