IQ Winner Profile – Djinni

Nov 3, 2015

Djinni has won his spot to play for the $100,000 in prizes at the HEX Invitational!

What’s your name, where are you from, how long have you been playing HEX?
My name is Yaroslav Lukanetz, 21. I live in Moscow, Russia. I’m currently a student, going to be a P.E. teacher. So I’m basically sharing all my time between HEX, studying, workout and friends.

You just won the HEX IQ and will be going to California to play for the grand prize of $40.000. What went through your mind right after the last game? What are your thoughts now?
My last thought was “Kismet please, grant me at least 8 hours of sleep” I guess. I’m totally happy with things going on, both the sweet IQ win and upcoming tournament for the grand pri$$$e.

What is it that you love about HEX? What makes you start up the game and battle it out with your fellow HEXers?
I’m high end competitive TCG player. I enjoy winning and I enjoy getting prizes for my hard earn victories.

What does HEX mean to you?
I do enjoy TCG mechanics, all of it. Deckbuilding, playing, interacting with cards (all the traditional ways HEX supports and all the awesome new features this game explores). Building my collection, so I can have access to any deck existing. Trading cards allows me to invest my time and skills into something that has value for me and other players. The whole TCG concept is my thing. I’m not a PvE player generally, but I will give it a chance since HEX is such an amazing game.

Could you tell us a little about the deck that carried you to victory in the HEX IQ?
That was my favorite Set 3 archetype – RW smash-them-all-Ramp. You can find my decklist in news, kindly provided by HEX Team. It’s also one of my main constructed archetypes.

If you were to win the HEX Invitational in February, what is it you’d do with the grand prize?
I’m gonna look for my own place. Real estate ain’t cheap in capital, so that 40 000 would come handy 🙂

Do you have a message to your fellow HEX IQ winners? Why do they need to be on the lookout for you?
I do have one thing to say to other challengers: Kismet loves me. And she already promised me a tango, so step aside. Be wise, you can deal with me, but that lady…

Any last words, anything you’d like to get out there?
See you in California, mates. Wait, you’re not gonna leave me hanging, right? Go for those IQ ASAP.