IQ Winner Profile – Vagabundo

Jan 14, 2016

Vagabundo has won his spot to play for the $100,000 in prizes at the HEX Invitational

Vagabundo-headshotWhat’s your name, where are you from and how long have you been playing HEX?
My name is Robert Grubačević, I am from Osijek, Croatia and I have been playing Hex since Filk Ape was award for tournaments but sadly I didn’t win a single one.

You just won the HEX IQ and will be going to California to play for the grand prize of $40,000. What went through your mind right after the final game?
I was in total shock; my heart was beating too fast. Maybe I should use some kind of pills for panic attack, just to avoid a tragedy in the playoffs.

What are your thoughts now?
Now I am thinking only about practice and testing, especially constructed format which I didn’t play too often.

What is it that you love about HEX?
Everything, except the shuffler (jk, I mean, I won because of it)

What makes you launch the game and battle it out with your fellow HEXers?
Mainly competitive game, winning rewards and making a collection

What does HEX mean to you?
Hex is the only game I play for the last year and a half extensively, and I think that makes it obvious how much I enjoy it.

If you were to win the HEX Invitational in February, what would you do with the grand prize?
First I would make a big celebration for the crew I play with, the crew which introduced me to the game and helped me along the way. Without them I could not have made this happen.

Could you tell us a little about the deck that carried you to victory in the HEX IQ?
I had a really good pool in sealed. I had 2 rares in the deck,“syyn” and “gronts gift” (with mill gem, which was really strong. I even milled my opponent in one game) the rest of the deck was a classic 4-5 removal spells and stable troops.

In top 8 draft my first pick was “ Exarch of the Egg”. I had 2 “Psychic Torments ” which is sick in the right combination. The most important card in my sideboard was “Noxious Glory ” which was really a “hatepick” but I played a mirror match in second round and against white blood spirits in finals so it proved pretty useful.. I was really lucky I didn’t play against a red deck because I think I didn’t have a chance against it.

Where can people watch you play?
Unfortunately I do not stream, I have a bad configuration.

Do you have a message to your fellow HEX IQ winners? Why do they need to be on the lookout for you?
I congratulate them all on their success, and am looking forward to our meeting!