Limit Break – All Treble no Bass

Sep 7, 2017

InfamousNeo returns with more (un)limited possibilities. Let’s take a look:

If you’ve ever wanted to float like a leaf and sting like a giant mutant scorpion, you’re in luck! This Ruby-Blood aggressive archetype can leave your opponent wondering what happened. Never end up with a gummed up board again.

Hopefully this inspired you to try some new Frostheart limited brews. If there there other topics you would like to learn more about, make sure to let us know in the forums below.

InfamousNeo | Twitch | Twitter | YouTube | Fiveshards

InfamousNeo is a competitive HEX player who has been around since the very start. He has numerous notable tournament finishes including a top 4 at the HexTcgPro Invitational, a first place and top 8 finish at the first two sealed invitational qualifiers and, of course, he qualified for the 2016 HEX Invitational itself. He is a regular guest on the Two Turns Ahead podcast and frequently shoutcasts the Fiveshards Shard Cup tournament series. You can find him streaming HEX content over at his twitch stream almost every day.

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