Lore Locked – Angels and Demons

Jul 12, 2018

Lore Locked, the series where we delve seriously into the Lore of Hex, returns! Today we are taking a look at beings which have a very strong symbolism associated with them: Angels and Demons. Let’s see, then, what they are like on Entrath. The differences may surprise you!

With large wings the color of pure white snow and eyes glowing with golden fury, the sheer nobility of the angel descending from the sky made James weep. His tears weren’t all from awe, of course, as the spherical amalgamation known as an “Ender” slaughtering his neighbors was also a significant worry… but yes, the angel was quite impressive too.

James dove behind the winged warrior as it touched down beside him and rested a relieved hand on one of the feathered appendages. It was unbelievably soft, and he suddenly longed to push his face into it. As his head leaned in closer, the angel swung a gauntleted fist at James, striking him forcefully in the chest and sending him sprawling on the ground.

The angel glanced at James with a level of disdain akin to when a person accidentally steps in fresh manure. “Leave now or perish, weakling” the armored seraph spat at him.
More shocked than injured, James picked himself off the ground and began to run.

Blubbering like a fool and ashamed beyond measure, James fled to the woods outside of his now ravaged village. Eventually exhausting himself, he leaned against a boulder to catch his breath, mind racing as he tried to come to terms with the recent chaos.

“Who knew angels could be so… disagreeable” a sultry voice stated from behind a tree.

“Y… Yes… that was my thought as well” James stammered, surprised he was not alone.

A pale, lithe, white haired woman stepped out from behind the trunk. James gasped at her unbelievable beauty, utterly enamored. The two spiraling horns curving out of the sides of her head didn’t even register in his mind. He tried to formulate a compliment, but the noises that came out of his mouth were unintelligible.

Unfazed, the woman strode towards James, mouth curved in the most devastatingly gorgeous lopsided smile. “You poor, sweet, manling… let’s you and I walk together so you can keep me ‘safe,’” she purred.

Dark Heart of Nulzann socketed with Minor Diamond of Protection and Major Diamond of Hope

Champion: Mistress Eravyn


Spirit Strike Scarf – helm equipment for Spirit of Retribution
Divinity’s Hymn – trinket equipment for Angel of Dawn
Oath Keepers – glove equipment for Oath of the Legion
Celestial Aegis – chest equipment for First of the Host
Spectral Ambush Boots – boot equipment for Spirit of Retribution
Lonely Axe – weapon equipment for Solitary Exile

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Lore Locked. Be sure to let me know what you think of this brew in the forums below. Don’t forget to share your favorite pieces of HEX lore as well. I might just make your favorite thing the focus of my next episode! As always, I’m MSB, wishing you good games and good times!

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