Lore Locked – Big Bang

Jan 4, 2018

MSB here, and I’m back with another installment of Lore Locked! This is the series where I delve into the lore of HEX, speculate on its twists and turns, and show off a themed PvE deck! To set up future lore videos, I wanted to tackle the most significant event in Entrathian history: the arrival of Hex. Every current event can be traced back to this one moment in time, from the Necrotic and Hexing gems to the wars and conflicts currently plaguing Entrath. So sit back, strap in, and set the way-back machine for two thousand, three hundred years in the past for a little slice of Armageddon!

Cedric had just finished his morning research when the oddest sensation came over him. Something felt off…. What was it? Perhaps his report to the Order of the Frost Ring on his latest findings? “No, that’s impossible,” he thought, “my report was immaculate.”

Caught up in thought, Cedric almost dismissed a blinding light coming from the sky. Looking up while squinting he let out a panicked whisper, “Oh my… its getting larger.”

Ever-expanding, the gleaming fiery monstrosity bore down on the ground north beyond the Frost Ring Arena. The roaring, flaming mess could only be described as terror incarnate. Cedric dimly registered fellow scientists screaming and running in all directions before the impact, so significant it caused waves of super-heated air and debris to fill the arena, transformed the just-finished stadium into a furnace of death.

Through the searing pain, Cedric’s analytical mind registered the final coherent thought “glaciers shouldn’t be able to form in these conditions,” as a tsunami-like wave of glowing blue ice engulfed him.

Champion: Xarhax Mercenary


Hat of the Witching Hour – helm equipment for Midnight Fever
The Storm Icon – trinket equipment for Enthralling Gaze
Cloak of the Witching Hour – chest equipment for Midnight Spiritualist
Ash Filled Fists – boot equipment for Psionic Flame
Hammer of the Witching Hour – weapon equipment for Midnight Paladin

I hope you enjoyed this second episode of Lore Locked. Be sure to let me know what you think of this brew in the forums below. Don’t forget to share your favorite pieces of HEX lore as well. I might just make your favorite thing the focus of my next episode! As always, I’m MSB, wishing you good games and good times!

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MSB enjoys exploring game mechanics and min/maxing deck builds. Not satisfied with one or two powerhouse brews, you’ll find his champion slots full and his deck lists bloated. A TCG Johnny at heart, he falls in love with every niche win condition and enjoys making fun, themed, PvE decks. Check out his YouTube channel that has been around since HEX first graced Kickstarter!

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