Lore Locked – A Bite Out of Life

Nov 23, 2017

Welcome, fellow Hexers, to Lore Locked, a new monthly series where I explore the rich lore in HEX via themed PvE decks! My name is MrSeriousBsns, or MSB for short, and I have been making HEX YouTube content since that fateful Kickstarter brought us together. Each episode will focus on a new aspect of Entrath, with topics ranging from people and factions to places and holidays… and everything in between! The campaign and Frost Ring Arena PvE aspects of HEX captured my imagination from day one, and I am excited to share my love of min/maxing theme decks, crafting budget decks, and going all-out on potent decks with you all.

The lore in HEX is amazingly well crafted, with many interwoven events, races, and locations. Lore Locked will delve into that lore, provide insight and entertainment (fingers crossed!), and culminate in a deck brew. You will then get to watch the theme unfold via either a campaign or Frost Ring arena match which shows off the might or madness the deck has to offer. As everyone has their favorite aspect of the lore, I encourage you to reach out to me as this series continues to let me know what topic you would like to see in the future. Just leave a comment on the forum or on my channel, and you are all set!

With that out of the way, I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this Vampiric episode of Lore Locked:

Ragged and exhausted, famed vampire hunter Van Hadesong and his newest apprentice Rose trudged deeper into Castle Davian. Their food and water consumed, resources expended, and friends now all undead blood sucking monsters, they knew this assault was their last chance for salvation. This hunt, initially planned to target a minor fledgling, had unearthed one of the most dangerous foes on Entrath: a clan of undying royal vampires…

Champion: Gorn of the Hell Pits


Vampire’s Crown – helm equipment for Vampire Princess
Captivating Guise – trinket equipment for Enthralling Gaze
Vampiric Cape – chest equipment for Enthralling Gaze
Blood Soaked Slippers – boot equipment for Royal Bloodline
Weapon of Choice – weapon equipment for Contract Killing

I hope you enjoyed this first episode of Lore Locked. Be sure to let me know what you think of this brew in the forums below. Don’t forget to share your favorite pieces of HEX lore as well. I might just make your favorite thing the focus of my next episode! As always, I’m MSB, wishing you good games and good times!

MrSeriousBsns | YouTube | Twitter

MSB enjoys exploring game mechanics and min/maxing deck builds. Not satisfied with one or two powerhouse brews, you’ll find his champion slots full and his deck lists bloated. A TCG Johnny at heart, he falls in love with every niche win condition and enjoys making fun, themed, PvE decks. Check out his YouTube channel that has been around since HEX first graced Kickstarter!

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