Lore Locked – Merry Myths

May 17, 2018

It’s time to come sit by the camp fire once more, friends, and prepare yourself for one of the saddest tales on Entrath. Today on Lore Locked, we are taking a look at a recent storyline that started with the Dead of Winter set and has now come full circle in the Doombringer set. With enough sorrow to make even the mightiest of Satyrs weep like a babe, hear now the tale of a young elf named Puck and the Merry Caravan. As an added bonus, once the tale is over, you’ll be able to take to HEX’s Siege mode to play along with the lore too!

The past few weeks had been a blur for Wilbur. When the Frost Ring Arena tournament had been announced, he thought fame and fortune would be his. The life of a hide tanner never fit him, much to the chagrin of his parents, so one night he took some supplies and a couple large knives from the closet and fled north. Then he met those ‘people’ on the main road. He wasn’t sure what he should call the ever-shifting never-resting folk who had enticed him with big smiles and outstretched arms, but they looked like they were having so much fun all the time. Wilbur’s cheeks still flushed at the thought of his first night in camp.

Then there were the drinks and the food and the dancing and the games and the stories… They were great at first, but now they were keeping him awake at all hours. At first the continual entertainment was thrilling but, things were getting even less ‘merry’ by the minute. Wilbur’s jaw ached, reminding him of the tankard that had been smashed into his face. “It’s not like I ever MET a Satyr before,” he muttered. “How was I to know they’d be so sensitive about their hooves?”

Wilbur slumped to his knees on a patch of cold ground, eyes beginning to well up with tears. On the other side of a hill to his left gigantic flame-spewing titan squirrels were tearing up trees while a tempest raged above him in the sky. Wilbur suddenly felt very homesick. Abruptly, wailing broke out near one of the tents, the volume of which quickly turned into a cacophony. Wilbur had never seen a Pippit cry, and the sorrow of the small blue creature weeping was enough to wish he would never witness the sight again in his lifetime.

Wilbur seldom prayed, but he clasped his hands together and begged, “If I leave straight away and promise to never skin another squirrel, please, please, please, let me get home safe.”

Champion: Puff the Rainbow


Gardener’s Hat – helm equipment for Chlorophyllia
Polymorphed Pelt – chest equipment for Belligerent Badger
Doppel Gloves – glove equipment for Frenetic Doppelgangers
Cute Shoes – boot equipment for Changling Cuties

Champion: Kagulichu


Rotting Tooth – trinket equipment for Lurking Rotjaw
Rusted Chestplate – chest equipment for Leeching Burrower
Gloves of Betrayal – glove equipment for Herofall
Bloodworm Boots – boot equipment for Leeching Burrower

Rune Ear Hierophant socketed with Minor Wild Orb of Conservation and Major Wild Orb of Dominance

Champion: Balthasar the Elegist


Gardener’s Hat – helm equipment for Chlorophyllia
Carnasaur Handlers – glove equipment for Carnasaur
Prairie Runners – boot equipment for Howling Brave
Carnasaurus Tooth – weapon equipment for Carnasaur

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Lore Locked. Be sure to let me know what you think of this brew in the forums below. Don’t forget to share your favorite pieces of HEX lore as well. I might just make your favorite thing the focus of my next episode! As always, I’m MSB, wishing you good games and good times!

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