Lore Locked – The Mysterious Manti

Feb 6, 2018

MSB here, and we’re back with another installment of Lore Locked, the series where I delve into the Lore of HEX and show off a themed PvE deck!

I love requests, and today marks the very first video based off a suggestion. Posted on the HEX forums, Corvus asked for a review of the Manti. I was happy to oblige! So get into your best meditation pose and prepare yourself for a kung-fu journey with the mysterious Manti:

Lee barely prevented himself from tipping over. Shaking the cobwebs of exhaustion from his mind, he had chosen the only small patch of dry ground near the Manti’s jungle village he could find—determined to outlast the stubbornness of their elder. He could not recall how long ago the elder had ignored his emphatic pleas to become a student, and Lee was certain the elder’s inability to understand him was just an act. Food and water did not matter, only the blind determination to study the ancient martial arts of the Manti sustained him now…

Battle Beetle socketed with the Major Wild Orb of Growth

Champion: Daughter of Stars


Gardener’s Hat – helm equipment for Chlorophyllia
Sacred Stones – trinket equipment for Glimmerfly Dance
Granite Gauntlets – glove equipment for Palm of Granite
Glimmerfly Slippers – boot equipment for Glimmerfly Dance
Sacred Stone Staff – weapon equipment for Monk of the Sacred Stones

I hope you enjoyed this third episode of Lore Locked. Be sure to let me know what you think of this brew in the forums below. Don’t forget to share your favorite pieces of HEX lore as well. I might just make your favorite thing the focus of my next episode! As always, I’m MSB, wishing you good games and good times!

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