On the Losing Team – Part II

Nov 8, 2017

In Frostheart we were introduced to some of the teams that went to the Frost Ring Arena with great intentions, only to fall woefully short. Today we are going to continue this in-depth look at more of these teams with Dead of Winter.

With Dead of Winter, we’ve already seen some new semi-pro teams which are duking it out in the Arena. You have the Nox, Heartsworn, Entities (who aren’t really a team so much as party crashers), and the hosts with the most—Team Twilight. This article isn’t about those guys. Those teams already have enough of the limelight. They go up against our 5 favored teams, and a lot of the action on cards this time around already focuses on the main teams duking it out (see: Ruthless Ripping, Nameless Husher, Blaze of Glory, and Dream’s End). But what about the little guys? What plucky teams have stuck it out this time around? Let’s take a look at these unlucky few who have been immortalized in Dead of Winter.

The Buffalo Soldiers

This team, made up entirely of buffalo from the Howling Plains, were told to head north into the Hyperborean Mountains by The Buffalord. Sadly, the Buffalord wasn’t able to make it due to prior commitments, so his various subjects couldn’t be the mooovers and shakers they intended to be.

Team Buffalo Soldiers

Sentries of the North

Many different human factions heard Hogarth’s call to come to the arena. The Sentries of the North didn’t have as far to come as others, so they did have a large cheering section and home field advantage in the Arena. Sadly, they weren’t as prepared as the Luminaries, and no one is quite sure where their bodies ended up. It’s not like anyone was going to jump into one of those portals to find out.

Sentries of the North

Rune of Cerulea

These rune-wielding mages from Cerulea used their spells to ruthless efficiency… back home against local groups. The competition in the Arena was on another level. Locke and The Pack helped them find a sticky end to their scholarly pursuits.

Rune of Cerulea

The General’s Tent

The smallest team in that went to the Arena (just a duo of brave men) featured one spellcaster and one knight. Unfortunately, the local fauna ended their trip early on the way to the Arena. So, while they never actually signed up and fought, we commemorated them anyway.

The General's Tent

Praganon Club

This secretive order out of the Royal Academy of Gawaine usually prefers boating to physical combat, but the promise of Entrath’s largest armada sent them North. They had intended to make waves, but this was more than they had bargained for.

Praganon Club

High Fens

This collection of lower royals from the Adamanthian region wanted to rise in stature and overthrow their rulers. It’s not like they really stood much of a chance in the first place, but the portals threw all kinds of unexpected surprises at the combatants. This team was wiped out by circumstances too hot for them to handle.

High Fens

The DFS (Dingler Fighting Squad)

While everyone *wants* to punch a dingler in the face, the prospect of actually touching one is so repugnant that signups to the DFS were about as expected. Still, that didn’t stop Goldmine FistPatrick from doing what needed to be done. Some say he was the true victor at the Arena that day.


We hope you enjoyed this peek at these Frost Ring failures. Remember, these are just a few of the brave and fool-hearty souls who answered Hogarth’s summons. Keep your eyes peeled for more colorful characters come in Dead of Winter.

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