Night of Bells 2016

Dec 2, 2016

The nights may be cold and the future uncertain, but… are those bells I hear?

Come in, friend, and sit down! Would you like some Hog Nog or Moose Mousse?


Your loss. This batch turned out extra musky.

*mmmh* Divine!

Now, I know times have been hard. Terrible business that, with Talysen and all. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Pappy Jasper it’s that, when times are tough, the greatest gift of all are these small moments of kindness. We need a few days to remember our better natures and remind ourselves of what we’re fighting for. Too much darkness is bad for the soul – you can get lost in there without a little light, y’know.

So ring those bells! Maybe we can get that great moose Zeke to pay us a visit. And while we wait, why – I’ve just the thing! Some stories from the great adventurer Lord Bernard P. Dunthrope to pass the time.

Let me just blow this dust off a moment.


Hmmm, yes. Here we go…


The more I travel around Entrath, the more similarities I see in its peoples. We’ve our differences, to be sure—in creed, shape, and enterprise—but more often than not there’s a thread that connects us all.

Take the Night of Bells, for example. I remember fondly the stories my father would tell as we curled up by the hearth. Pappy Jasper, the Snow Yeti, whose arrival heralds gifts of dubious delectability, was a tale I’d always thought was confined to the Ardent races. After all, generosity requires a certain nobility in character I’d never thought to see in the more barbarous inhabitants of our planet.

Imagine my surprise when, hacking my way through the Monsagi jungle, I came across a monstrous insect! Six feet tall, its mandibles a-quiver, I thought I’d reached the end of my days. But the manti, I’d soon learn, are a peaceful tribe. I had just begun to plead for my life when they began showering me with gifts! Apparently, they too are inspired by the tale of ol’ Pappy.

Gift of the Manti AA

Since then, I’ve even heard tales of dwarves celebrating with fireworks during this festive season. How you can tell the difference between those and the normal explosions they leave in their wake is beyond me, but nothing would surprise me at this point. The world is a big place, and we are all Entrathians.

From the journal of Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe


Happy Night of Bells!

During the winter holidays, you will get the gift of a Pappy Jasper sleeve for coming in from the cold. (Simply log in and you will automatically receive the sleeve!)

Night of Bells 2016

If you decide to let your slay bells ring, you will earn the Gift of the Manti AA card for playing in draft, evo, and sealed tournaments. (Enter a tournament and earn your reward!)

Gift of the Manti AA

Playing in dungeons across Entrath can grant players the Pappy Jasper card and its equipment pieces, the Ugly Sweater and Pappy Jasper’s Whip. ‘Tis the season for sending and receiving cards, after all. Visit your favorite dungeons and grab a gift!

To earn these rewards, champions must defeat any dungeon during the Night of Bells holiday:

Pappy JasperPresent

So how do you get the Night of Bells rewards?

Sleeve: The first time a player logs in during this holiday, they will receive the Pappy Jasper sleeve.

Alternate Art Card: All tournaments will have a participation prize of an AA Gift of the Manti card. Basically, enter a tournament, get the card.

Players that win a constructed ranked ladder match will have a 25% chance of earning an AA Gift of the Manti card.

PvE Card and Equipment: Players can earn PvE items by playing in campaign dungeons. There is one card and two equipment items to earn. By defeating any dungeon you will earn one of the three items at random. Each of them has a percent chance to drop: 15% on the Rare equipment, 25% on the Uncommon equipment, and 60% on the card.


  • Pappy Jasper


  • Pappy Jasper’s Whip (Rare)
  • Ugly Sweater (Uncommon)

Deck the halls between Monday, December 19 at 10am PT (Worldclock) and Monday, January 2 at 9:59am PT (Worldclock). Let’s make this Night of Bells one to remember!

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