Patch Notes – v0.9.3.015

Aug 20, 2014

Patch Notes for v0.9.3.015

New Features
· A tutorial has been added to help new players. When a new account is created the tutorial will automatically launch after account name creation. It can also be accessed via the Landing Page at any time after first login.

· Cards earned from tournaments are now displayed in correct descending rarity order
· Your name will now be highlighted in tournament lobbies
· End-of-tournament rewards screen now shows primal packs correctly
· Fixed typo in ‘tournament full’ message

· Removing friends now correctly updates the friends list
· A deck’s Reserves tab will now save properly after being emptied
· Shards of Fate can now be listed for sale in the Auction House
· Page numbers are now listed in the Auction House search results
· Primal filter now works correctly with primal packs
· Cards with no buyout are correctly sorted to the bottom of the list instead of the top when sorting by buyout
· Scrolling over cards in the Auction House listing UI now indicates what deck the card belongs to
· Added ‘number of cards owned’ pop up when scrolling over cards in the Auction House
· Fixed issue where Wheels of Fate was highlighting multiple prize results
· Game sound no longer stops after your first match
· Starter Trials button has been moved to the Home screen

· Cards that are granted Rage no longer improperly display Rage 0
· Client no longer crashes when attempting to activate a card during the Assign Damage phase
· Right clicking on a graveyard during “Select from Graveyard” prompt no longer stalls the game
· Players are no longer able to over discard their hand
· Pass Priority button is no longer unnecessarily present during the Discard Phase
· Cards no longer trigger their “entering play” trigger again when the opponent gains control of them

Known Issues
· Menacing Gralk adds text to cards in opposing player’s hand. This only lasts for a single turn and is graphical only.
· Cards that were part of a recently deleted deck still show “part of deck” graphic in Auction House listing UI. Re-logging will fix this UI glitch
· Players will not see updates to tournament queue UI after completing a tournament. Re-logging will fix this UI glitch.
· Gen Con 2014 code items (Jovial Pippit AA, Brosi Buk, and Sleeves) didn’t quite make it in this patch, we are working to get them in the game as soon as possible