Patch Notes – v0.9.4.020

Sep 30, 2014

Patch Notes for v0.9.4.020



  • Every single screen in the game has been updated
  • You can now mail cards, packs, gold, and platinum to other players
  • Buttons and hotkeys have been added to proceed directly to the Attack or End phase during a match
  • Tweaks have been made to the AI system

User Interface

  • Login splash screen art has been changed
  • Players can now click and highlight within text boxes
  • Card Manager has a new icon in the navigation bar
  • Play Now has been changed to Proving Grounds
  • Tournaments has its own button on the navigation bar
  • Inventory Stash has its own button on the navigation bar
  • Store button in navigation bar has been changed to the Hex logo
  • Gold and Platinum icons have increased in size
  • Keep name has now been named Account Name in the account creation UI
  • Settings options now has the ability to reassign hotkeys for Go To Attack and Go To End Phase buttons
  • ONE-SHOT has its own icon
  • Some champions have had a makeover
  • News window on the landing page now rotates between content and can be clicked

Landing Page

  • Starter Trial button has moved under the News window
  • If there are no available Starter Trials, its button will be hidden
  • HEX Tutorial button has moved under the Starter Trial button
  • Background image changed and is still a work in progress

Proving Grounds

  • A valid deck is required to play random opponents or play AI
  • Players can no longer issue challenges without a valid deck
  • Interface has been polished


  • Entry fee UI always populates correct Platinum cost
  • Waiting Rooms have been given a facelift
  • Tournaments that do not reward cards no longer have sections for cards in their rewards windows
  • The Tournament screen uses the screen space more efficiently

Card Manager

  • Inventory Stash has its own button it no longer has a tab in the Card Manager
  • ‘Filters’ now has an icon instead of text
  • Spacing with large card view improved
  • Cards in large view now slightly larger
  • Using Show All Items in the Filters will show you all cards you do not have in your collection
  • Scroll bars are more reliable
  • ‘Sort by’ now has an icon instead of text
  • ‘Quantity owned’ sorting method added
  • Champion section has been given a facelift
  • Deck manager dropdown has a new icon
  • Card links now work in Champion selection
  • Clicking a card now highlights it
  • Players can now click and highlight within the search text box
  • Deck Validation now gives a warning if attempting to save a deck without necessary thresholds
  • Removed expand and collapse arrows
  • Search field has improved

Auction House

  • Auction House interface has received a facelift
  • Players can now click and highlight within search text boxes
  • Gavel icon has been replaced by an Add button for creating auctions
  • Scroll bar added to card picking screen when creating an auction


  • Added text to make it clear that you are not playing with your own deck
  • Starter Trials have been extended to 5 games. Winning the 4th match earns players 2,000 gold. Winning the 5th match earns players 3,000 gold.


  • One year extension of VIP is now available to players. It is only available for the next 7 days
  • Store layout is now correct across different screen resolutions
  • Animations have been improved
  • Starter pack Info buttons now look like buttons

Pack Opening

  • Gold amount has been moved beneath Kismet
  • New Wheels of Fate reward window
  • New flooring added to the Wheels of Fate pedestal
  • Back button added to replace icon to increase clarity

Battle Screen

  • The cards in your hand are larger and fanned
  • Cards on the chain are larger
  • Cost, Attack, and Defense numbers are more prominent
  • Reveal UI now includes player name, source card for the reveal, and cards affected
  • When choosing from multiple cards or looking through the graveyard you now have a scroll bar option
  • Phase names removed from the top middle of the screen
  • Phase indicator wheel has been improved
  • Frame added around Play or Draw pop-up
  • Manage Phase Stops button moved to the middle of the phase wheel
  • You can see the opponents hand (face down) and which sleeve they are using
  • Health is above player name
  • Charges are below player name
  • Charge power indicator will have a particle burst when it has sufficient charges
  • Player decks now have an icon and counter
  • Graveyards now have its own icon and counter
  • Game settings can now be accessed from the Concede window
  • Threshold and resources have been moved to the right side of your hand
  • Pass Priority buttons are now reshaped and aflame
  • Font on Pass Priority button changed
  • Active player is now indicated with a flaming nameplate
  • Player and Opponents names are more prominent
  • Opponent’s champion is shown during victory screen instead of sleeves
  • Resources frame updated
  • Icons on cards have been improved


  • You can now send items through the mail using the Attach button when composing
    • You can send multiple individual cards, booster packs, platinum, gold
    • Navigation menu now looks correct when opening Friends or Mail
    • Add Player and Ignore Player functionality in Friends menu moved to the bottom of the screen
    • Close button added to the Friends window
    • Chat Options now layer properly with the chat window
    • The behind the scenes guts of chat have been replaced
    • Chat is much better about staying within the boundaries of the chat box
    • Chat font should be more legible


  • Sound effects are no longer lost after completing a match against the AI
  • Card hover sound during game is much, much quieter
  • User interface sounds added throughout the game
  • Some combat sound have been added
  • A new sound effect plays when revealing a rare card during pack opening
  • Pack opening sound is no longer louder than other game sounds


  • Changing the language will immediately switch the language in the patcher
  • Close button added for when patcher is run without borders
  • Patcher window overall is smaller but the play button is bigger!
  • Logo updated


  • Menacing Gralk no longer improperly adds game text to cards in opponents hand
  • Force attack troops now attack at the same time as other troops
  • Players no longer lose a pass priority button from Veteran Gladiator
  • Blood Orb of Deception now works correctly
  • Technical Genius now works correctly when opponent gains control of it
  • Corrupted Afterlife now resolves at a much quicker rate
  • Players can now play quick cards correctly in response to their own cards on the chain
  • Players can now respond correctly to Protectorate Sorcerer
  • Frost Wizard no longer incorrectly voids cards added to your deck by an opponent
  • Eternal Guardian now works correctly
  • Players can now view a cards previous transformation in zoomed view in game
  • Legionnaire of Gawain now works correctly with cost reduction and Midnight Shepard
  • Crazed Squirrel Titan now works correctly with Life Drain
  • Stoneskin now works correctly
  • Soul Marble now correctly transforms if sent to another zone while gaining a tenth counter
  • Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge no longer ignores threshold requirements
  • Playing escalation cards with no cards in deck will no longer gate the client
  • Deselecting blockers, after assigning blockers now works correctly


Known Issues

  • For some players, clicking “Buy VIP” a second time while already having the 1 year extension double-charged the player’s account. That bug is now fixed. If you believe you were charged twice, please contact Support
  • Reveal UI overlaps in certain resolutions
  • Chest filter does not work in the pack opening screen
  • Cards in the back row of play can sometimes be overlapped by the priority button
  • Right-clicking a pack while attaching a booster to a mail will take you to the pack opening screen
  • Reconnecting during the AI’s turn will no longer show the pass priority bar, proceed to attack or end turn buttons will get you back into the thick of battle
  • If you try to save a deck over another deck of the same name it will remove both decks from your decklist
  • Opening multiple packs at a time can cause the client to sometimes become unresponsive for a few seconds
  • The rewards tab scroll bar doesn’t function in tournaments
  • Sort by cost in mail attachment UI is improperly named “Sort by X Cost”
  • Cards revealed in hand (Argus, Shadowgrove Witch) cause the image of the card to gain pink borders
  • Some cards with flight that are affected by Cosmic Transmogrifier retain flight
  • Cards no longer shake when triggering
  • Cards that attack no longer shift up when attacking
  • The confirmation button for ordering blockers can sometimes be obscured by cards in hand in certain resolutions
  • Some text in the German and French builds still shows as English
  • Additional known issues as reported by players can be found here