Patch Notes v0.9.6.042

Mar 18, 2015

Patch Notes v0.9.6.042


  • Dungeon Crawler Kickstarter backers will now receive their extra loot when defeating Bosses in the Frost Ring Arena (Only applies to loot and not Gold)
  • Fixed an issue with the Auction House when buying and canceling auctions that prevented the delivery of items
  • The “Skip Tier 1” button in the Frost Ring Arena is now correctly hidden until you beat the first Tier without losing
  • The AI will make decisions at a quicker rate when there are large amounts of troops on the gameboard
  • Surprise Runt Gang now has the correct art
  • Equipment now shows its image and can be zoomed in on while in the Auction House
  • Packs Names have returned to the Auction House
  • Moon’ariu Sensei Arena Champion can be found again in the Frost Ring Arena
  • Both Scheduled Sealed and Scheduled Constructed tournaments have returned
  • Rewards for beating Uruunaz in The Frost Ring Arena additional times have been boosted
  • Search bars have been added to all instances of the Stash
  • Chests can be found in the Stash again
  • The Princess Cory, King Gabriel, Eurig the Robomancer, Uzume, Grand Concubunny, Xarlox the Broodlord, and Zoltog Frost Ring Arena encounters have new AI-only cards that will make your life more… interesting
  • Updated the Eldritch Dreamer and Hero of Adamanth Frost Ring Arena decks


  • Paladin of Naagaan’s champion power no longer incorrectly updates the troop’s attack and defense continually for the rest of the game
  • The AI has had various upgrades to increase its effectiveness
  • The Alternate Art Cerulean Mirror Knight no longer incorrectly inspires troops while it is in the graveyard
  • Cosmic Totem can now be used to shuffle the graveyard of one champion into any champions deck
  • Incantation of Fury no longer incorrectly gains counters in all zones
  • Troops buffed by Crown of the Primals no longer incorrectly display that they lose the buffs when they leave play
  • Eternal Drifter now correctly has the text “This can use charge powers without meeting their threshold requirements.”  at the beginning of its text box
  • Archon of Nulzann and Shoggoth can now correctly be activated from your hand
  • Filk Ape now correctly reverts troops with spellshield
  • Reese the Crustcrawler no longer incorrectly will create PvE cards in PvP matches


  • Aqua Mask is now correctly listed in the Head slot
  • Bubble Mail is now correctly listed in the Chest slot
  • Electric Flail is now correctly listed in the Weapon slot
  • Sky Walkers is now correctly listed in the Feet slot
  • Spark Mitts is now correctly listed in the Gloves Slot
  • Pact of Life now triggers correctly from special resources when modified by Helm of Life
  • Battleborn Boots no longer incorrectly displays the buffs on Living Totem permanently 

Known Issue

  • If after getting disconnected and trying to rejoin a tournament, a player must wait till the game places them back into the tournament lobby before clicking confirm on the reconnect dialogue. If they click confirm before being placed back into the lobby, the player will not reconnect to the tournament game.