Patch Notes v1.0.5.039

Mar 17, 2017

Here are patch notes for our latest round of updates.

Patch Notes

  • The Collector’s Deck – Sunsoul Phoenix is now available in the store
  • The Auction House now defaults to sorting by lowest buyout instead of lowest bid
  • Card Sleeves from account leveling are now correctly displayed in the reward window
  • Items rewarded from account leveling now have improved layering in the reward UI
  • Adventure Packs can once again be opened from the reward window in the campaign
  • Cards with triggered abilities now display properly on the chain
  • Decks now load correctly when entering or returning to the Collection Manager
  • Set icons on chests now display properly in the Wheels of Fate
  • All packs in the store are now correctly centered
  • The hit box for the Void portal has been fixed
  • Expiring tournament tickets will now be taken before non-expiring ticket in all cases

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