Patch Notes v1.0.5.100

May 9, 2017

Here are patch notes for our latest round of updates.

Patch Notes

  • The Hero of Legend Collector’s Deck is now available in the Chark Mart section of the store. This includes an animated Hero of Legend AA, 2x Moonrise Elder AAs, 2x Decree of Banishing AAs, and an animated Hero of Legend sleeve.
  • Ada the Apparitionist now reads: “[BASIC][DIAMOND][DIAMOND]: [6] –> Summon two Phantoms.”
  • Marshal Josephina has had her health reduced to 22
  • Therroz now reads: “[BASIC]: [8] –> Troops you control get +1[ATK]/+1[DEF] this turn. When you play an [UNDERWORLD] troop, gain a charge.”

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